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While our Travel Guides section is a perfect travel companion that helps you get around countries and cities, our Travel Tips zone will help you prepare your trip and also overcome some potential problems you might face once at the destination.

Throughout our website, you will read about many countries, and in this section, we have gathered all the tips you can find useful when organizing your next Italian holiday, Iran trip, India travels, or China vacation.

Your trip to India

Check out also our India guides to see what to visit in the Rajasthan cities of Jaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer.

Travelling to Italy

Are you enjoying your Florence trip and want to spend a day out in Siena or Pisa? We got you covered. While in Italy, you are not sure what to eat? We give you some pretty yummy tips here.

If you are up to an adventure motorcycle trip around Europe, check out this article.

Plan your trip to China

Plan your Afghanistan adventure

Do you want to travel to Afghanistan? You definitely need some reliable support and here we give you plenty of tips to stay safe also when taking pictures. We also wrote a complete Afghanistan travel guide and the things to do in Herat historical city.

Our tips for a great Iran holiday

As one of our favourite destinations, we give you also plenty of tips for your Iran trips, such as how to get Iran visa, how to dress in Iran, how to bargain in Persian, how to order at the restaurant in Iran and how to ask for directions, all tips useful also if you go to Afghanistan. Love to cook? We even teach you how to cook your own delicious mirza ghasemi. To learn more about Iran, we give you a list of books to read, collection that is constantly updated.

Best travel accessories for a perfect trip

Our articles are also handy buying guides to help you decide what are the essential items for your travels.

From the best carry-on luggage to the top garment bags to avoid wrinkly clothes to handy travel backpacks, we give you the best packing hacks using packing cubes to arrange your stuff properly and avoid fully unpacking once at the destination and hanging toiletry bags to have your soaps and creams easy to reach.

Among the other items we suggest you carry with you are a portable blender to stay healthy during your trip, your own travel containers so your liquids don’t leak, and obviously a small and cheap digital luggage scale to avoid annoying airline surcharges.

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