India has been a very popular tourist destination in Asia for years, yet it’s all but an easy trip to make. A huge country, several different languages, a complicated society, plenty of offbeat places, this diversity is what makes it so fascinating.

We have been to India several times, we got sick and recovered, tried different foods and restaurants, visited countless places and tourist attractions. After our experiences here and in many other countries around the world, we try to give you the best advice on how to plan a great trip to India and also detailed guides to some of the most popular cities.

Tours to India

If you don’t want the hassle of planning a trip to India by yourself, don’t feel comfortable in such a faraway country, or simply India intimidates you (we hear you!), check out the great tours offered by G Adventures, Intrepid Travel and other companies to explore the country and delve deep into their society and culture.

Check out our in-depth guide to the best tours to India to decide what type of holiday you want to have.

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