Visiting Naini Lake in Nainital, Uttarakhand

nainital boats6 - Travel Images

One of the prettiest cities I’ve visited in Uttarakhand and a great destination if you are traveling to India in December, Nainital, in the Kumaon region, is famous for its beautiful lakes and picturesque surroundings. Blessed by the presence of nine lakes that make for a truly breathtaking natural landscape, Nainital is one of the …

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In India, country full of contrasts

taj mahal

A trip to India is a cluster of emotions. I’m not alone in saying this, you can ask anybody you know who has been to this colorful Southeastern Asian country, and the answers will all sound similar. I had heard so many times the sentence “When you come back from India, you will not be …

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In Uttarakhand, where God was born

bells tella manila21 - Travel Images

One of the most offbeat places to visit in Uttarakhand is Manila, unknown by most travellers and still off-topic on most travel guidebooks. Of great natural beauty and rich spirituality, here is where travellers can learn about age-old Hindu traditions and religion. A small village in Uttarakhand India is a very colourful country, and the definition …

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Taj Mahal, the ultimate monument to love

Image: Taj Mahal in Agra to visit in India in December

My first fleeting experience with the Taj Mahal in the city of Agra took place at the Red Fort when, visiting Summan Burj, my guide Danish explained to me that right there the king Shah Jahan spent his last years torturing himself with the sight of the awe-inspiring tomb he had built in loving memory …

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In Agra, ambling about the Fort

Jahangir Palace - Travel Images

The first day of my trip to India was spent in Agra, and the very first monument I’ve visited in the muslim-populated city was the huge Fort, the country’s most important fortress. Most Mughal kings have lived there, and from here they also used to rule the country. This fort was started during the era …

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11 Things Not To Do in India to Enjoy Your Stay

Image: List of things not to do in India

If you’re thinking of traveling to India, be sure to read up on the dos and don’ts first. Whilst India is an amazing country with a rich culture, there are some things you should avoid doing if you want to have a trouble-free trip. From dodging beggars and touts to steering clear of religious tensions, …

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