11 Best Garment Bags For Travel in 2022

While most clothing items are fine in a normal carry on suitcase luggage, suits need more attention to stay wrinkle-free due to their fabric, design, and size. That’s why there are specific garment bags for business trips that can ensure your clothing have a fit state to wear when you arrive at your destination. There are many types of best suit garment bags on the market and to find out why suit bags are so popular, keep reading our best carry on luggage for suits review.

Depending on how long you are travelling for and the type of your trip, you are always going to need to take specific items and clothes with you. For instance for business trips, weddings or any other special event you might want to take your suit with you. Will you be able to pack these items in a regular carry on luggage and find them without wrinkle?

After thorough research on the market, we were able to pick the best carry on garment bags for business travellers. These are the best carry on luggage with a suit compartment that can protect your ironed suit from wrinkles. All their features make them one of the best gifts for those who travel for business.

Finding the best carry on garment bags is time-consuming because there are many different types and brands. Therefore, we are hoping this guide to the best garment bags on the market will help to make your purchasing decision easier.

Based on your travel needs, you can pick between the best roller garment bag or the best carry on garment bag with wheels, and whatever your requirements, this best luggage garment bag review will help you find durable cheap garment bag for travel. The price varies for men’s hanging garment bags as well as the best-wheeled carry on garment bag so we picked carry-on bags for every budget and added them to our travel accessory list.

Editor’s Choice: Our Top Garment Bag Picks

Often we look through the market to find the carry on bag for suits and we pick the new arrivals that are the best value for the money. For this month our top pick carry-on with garment bag is the SwissBag. With no doubt, it’s one of the best carry-on garment bags.

The comparison table of the best garment bags is to help you find the top garment bags for you easier. Whether you are searching for the best garment bags for business travel with suit compartment or the best regular garment bags to carry on board for longer trips, you will be able to find them below. Our best carry on garment bag reviews includes wheeled, spinners, shoulder bag and handbag.

Best Garment Bags For Travel – Top Picks + Reviews

London Fog Upright Checked Garment Bag

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This carry on wheeled garment bag has been rated as one of the best garment luggage for business. The interior design includes four zip pockets to help you organize and pack your clothing better. It includes the compartment for the suits to minimize wrinkles.

London Fog men’s travel garment bag has the in-line skate wheels and the extendable handle that make the transportation easier. You can also zip away the locking handle when you wish to use carry handle. As with the rest of London Fog travel bags, it has durable and lockable zippers.

There is a large exterior zip pocket to allow you to access your belongings easier. Bottom line, it’s one of the best-wheeled garment bags to hang the whole case in the closet for easy access so you wouldn’t need to unpack and repack.

Travel Select Rolling Garment Bag For Suits

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Perhaps the best-selling business carry-on garment bag with 1000+ consumer ratings. It’s available in three different colours to match every taste. Traveller’s Choice carry-on roller garment bag features fold-out design and suit hanger to keep your clothes in a good shape during the trip. Inside the bag, you’ll find breathable garment bag mesh pockets, and tie straps to secure your items.

The exterior misses the hanger and you can’t hang the whole bag inside the closet. Therefore, after the trip, you might need to unpack your clothes. For easy portability inside and outside the airport, there are in-line skate wheels and two handles, a collapsible internal top handle and top carry handle.

There are also two easy access pockets for your essential items. This men’s garment bag comes with an adjustable detachable shoulder strap that has non-slip pads. So, you can carry it as a shoulder bag. Overall, it’s one of the best check-in garment travel bags for this price.

Briggs and Riley Travel Garment Bag For Men

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This business travel garment bag is pricey but considering the brand and the quality of their products, it’s worth every penny. The size doesn’t exceed the carry on limit so you wouldn’t have any problem using it as a carry-on. For peace of mind, we recommend you check the carry on rules before buying a carry-on bag.

Inside this suit bag, you will find two hooks to hang your suit, multiple zipper pockets for shirts, socks, and other belongings. The door panel opens like a door so you can organize your clothing better. The panel has 2 zipper pockets, 2 mesh pockets, scarf/tie pocket and another large mesh packing pocket. Inside the bag, there is also the removable extension panel with 2 elastic slip pockets for long garment and foam-centred garment panels to minimize wrinkling.

This soft-sided garment bag has outer ballistic nylon fabric which is wear and water resistance. The bag comes with drag handle and leather carry handle for comfortable portability. Last but not least, this softshell garment bag has two easy access zipper pockets for your documents.

With no doubt, it’s one of the best garment bags for men. It has the quality and the design that allows you to have access to all your stuff without unpacking.

Travelpro Maxlite 5 Carry On Garment Bag With Wheels

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6 used from $157.76
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If you are looking for a rolling carry on garment bag with suit compartment, the Travelpro is for you. It’s affordable, lightweight and durable with a nice design. It has inline skate wheels, a top carry handle and an extendable handle for better manoeuvrability and transportation. The extendable handle can be zipped away while carrying the bag using the carry handle.

The materials in this roll garment bag include tensile-strength zipper pulls and polyester fabric which is water-repellant and stain-resistant. The exterior design includes an easy access pocket that can hold your documents, tablet, books etc during the trip.

Our best rolling garment bag for carry-on has a suit hanger, multiple compression straps, and mesh pockets for accessories. Bottom line, it’s the best carry on garment bag with wheels that weighs 8.3-lbs and fits the overhead bin.

Briggs and Riley Carry-On Wheeled Garment Bag

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This is another top-of-the-line high-quality rolling garment bag for carry-on by Briggs and Riley. While it’s more expensive than some other brands, it does offer good features and durability. Known as one of the best rolling garment bag carry-ons, it has a compartment and pocket for everything. The bag features a carry handle and the patented extendable pull handle that is located outside the bag to minimize the wrinkle and give you more space to pack.

There are several interior pockets as well as a large exterior pocket to keep your tablet handy. There is also a handle in the bottom of the bag to make it easier to lift the bag for the overhead bin.

It has a self-repairing YKK Racquet coil zipper and lockable zipper pulls to secure your belongings. Overall, this waterproof garment bag carry on is one of our top picks on the market.

WallyBags Carry On Luggage For Suits

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If you are looking for the best garment bag for suits only, this is a good choice. It’s designed to carry your suit and few accessories so don’t expect it to hold as much as a wheeled garment bag. It has a hanger clamp to keep your clothes neat and wrinkle-free, a carry handle and shoulder strap.

Inside the bag, there are two large pockets for shoes and accessories but it doesn’t have exterior pockets. It would easily fit most airplanes’ overhead bin so you can travel with a peace of mind.

It’s also flexible and can be folded, therefore, you can carry it inside a suitcase. For less than 100 dollars it’s the best travel bag for suits.

ZEGUR Suit Carry On Garment Bag for Travel and Business Trips

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With nearly 1000 top-rated consumer reviews, the ZEGUR has a proven record of being one of the best garment bags for suits. It has a suit compartment with 3 buckle tie-down straps to keep your suite clean and unwrinkled. There are also multiple pockets for your accessories. There is a velcro pocket for your shoes, two zipper pockets for your jumper, belt, etc., and a mesh zipper pocket for your ties.

To maximize the storage there is an exterior pocket that provides easy access to your tablet, phone, and documents. It also has high-quality zippers and fray resistant waterproof exterior materials.

Last but not least, they offer a 100% money back guarantee. Overall, this unisex bag is one of the best carry-on garment bags for men and women.

Henty Wingman, Top Gym Garment Bag

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Inspired by cyclists and designed by athletes, it’s sportive and less formal compared to some other top garment bags reviewed in this article. So, it’s more for a casual trip where you need to carry your suit and dress up for an event. It comes in two pieces, the interior duffel bag and the exterior bag.

The exterior part features suit compartment and a zipper all around to better protect your clothes during the trip. And the interior bag houses the rest of your clothing and accessories.

There is also a large exterior pouch with a compartment for your laptop and other electronics. Overall, it’s a good bag that comes with a shoulder-padded strap and a rain cover.

WallyBags Gown Travel Garment Bag

This women’s garment bag features a tri-fold design that meets the carry-on requirements and easily fits the overhead compartment. This wedding dress carry-on garment bag has a hanger clamp and two roll bar straps to keep your clothing in a good shape during the trip.

Wally’s dress garment bag holds up to 6 garments including a wedding gown and a tuxedo! The bag itself also has a hanger so you can unfold the bag and hang it inside the closet and access your clothes without having to unpack all your stuff.

Reviewed as the top bridal garment bag, it’s water-resistant and features 3 exterior pockets to store your shoes and accessories. It also has the interior pocket for your delicate belongings such as jewellery. Last but not least, this gown garment bag has a durable centre zipper that allows you to easily access your clothes.

Rustic Town Leather Garment Bags For Weekend Trips

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Featuring the top grain pebbled leather, it’s the best leather carry-on garment bag for suits under $300. It’s a good choice for a casual overnight jaunt, a business trip or a weekend trip. This leather travel garment bag features a good-looking design and a standard size that meets all domestic and international airline requirements.

The interior fully unzips and the garment part can accommodate at least two suits. Once packed and zipped it gets the shape of a duffle bag. Considered the best leather carry on bag for the plane, it has two exterior zip accessory pockets for book/tablet in front and an exterior pocket in the back for your belongings.

It also comes with a sliding shoulder strap for comfortable carrying and two interior shoe pockets. Overall, it’s a good product that boasts tens of highly-rated consumer reviews.

Clear Garment Bags For Suits

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They are the cheapest garment bags on the market. These transparent garment bags can hold multiple suits at once and they are convenient and practical to keep your garments in them while in the house.

If your carry on doesn’t have a suit compartment, you can use the plastic garment bags to keep your clothes in better condition throughout your trip. You can also use them as a laundry garment bag for your suits.

What to Know Before Buying a Travel Garment Bag:

Carry on garment bag rules:

Travel garment bags comply with pretty much all airlines carry on luggage rules and they are usually below the TSA approved carry on size. In fact, some carry on garment bags are so compact and lightweight that some flights allow you to take them on the plane along with your carry on suitcase.

As far as the suit travel bag dimension goes, we suggest you look for rules in the flight you take more often and buy a bag that meets their requirement because Delta carry-on garment bag requirement might vary from Southwest Airlines and so on.

Carry on suitcase vs carry-on suit garment bag:

The difference between the suit travel garment bag and the suitcase is in their shape, design and how much they can hold. Suit carry on garment bag, also known as hanging garment bag, is foldable and mainly designed to carry a pair of shoes, a belt, a suit and a few other necessary items.

Hanging carry on size garment bags don’t feature wheels or extendable handles. However, carry-on suitcases are larger in size and can hold more clothing. While some carry on suitcases have built-in suit compartment, they are not foldable and can’t be carried as shoulder bags.

Unlike carry-on suitcases with fixed frame and corners, the suit garment bags are foldable so they can be used as shoulder bag or carried like backpacks. Therefore, they are more compact and easier to carry, which is why many travellers use garment bags for short business trips.

Wheeled garment bags:

You have probably seen the short and relatively wide carry-ons similar to the suitcase. Just like the suitcase, there are the two-wheeled garment bags and four-wheeled garment bags also known as spinners.

The 2-wheeled are usually less expensive compared to the 4 wheeled carry on garment bag. The rolling carry on garment bag (2-wheel) is not as handy to carry as the carry on garment bag with 4 wheels. You can either drag them behind you or lift them up to carry them. In this review, we included the best carry on wheeled garment bags.

Spinner carry on garment bag:

They feature 4 multi-directional wheels. Spinner garment bags can usually feature the same design as two-wheeled bags except they are easier to carry. You can drag them behind you, on your side or in front of you. These carry on luggage bags come with an extendable handle and expandable feature.

Garment bags for suits only:

They are designed to carry the suits so you can’t pack other belongings in them. They are not as popular as large rolling garment bags due to their lack of space.

However, if you are looking for something to carry your suits only, then they are a good choice because they are lightweight and easy to carry.

Roll garment bag/travel duffel bags:

These suit protector garment bags are compact and look sportive. They usually have an outer layer to roll garments and an inner water-resistance bag to keep your suit, shoe, toiletries, etc.

They are also usually two in one bag that transforms a suit garment bag into a carry on duffel. These travel suit carry-on bags are best for short business trips.

Shoulder bag as well as the backpack:

They are one of our most favourite type of business carry on luggage bags with suit compartment. These bags are lightweight, compact and easy to carry.

They convert from a duffel bag to a backpack so you can easily move from one place to another. We included some of these expandable and convertible bags by one of the best men’s garment bag brands, like the Timbuk2 in this review.

Women’s dress garment bag:

Also known as wedding dress garment bag, they are the cheapest garment bags on the market. The majority of dress garment bags feature water-resistant materials.

Gown garment bags for women’s prom and bridal wedding dresses feature breathable materials and they can preserve fabrics in excellent condition and wrinkle-free. Wedding dress garment bags for gowns can be folded while travelling to take less space and carried with your carry-on suitcase.

What to look for in garment bags:


Compartments of carry on garment bags

While some cheap carry-on garment bags feature a compartment only for suits, the best carry-on luggage for the business travel features specific compartments for the suit as well as belt, shoes and few other necessary items.

Water-proof travel garment bag

The best garment carry-on bag should be able to protect your suit in all seasons. If the interior compartments are water resistance as well, then it’s a plus.

Size of suit garment bag

If you travel for a day or two, you might want to look for small bags so it’s easier to carry it through the airport and to the hotel. The best carry on for business travel is roughly 22″ x 20″ x 10″. There are garment bags that exceed the standard carry on airline allowance, perhaps you want to avoid them for peace of mind.

Suit hanger and strap

The best carry on luggage for business travellers offers a place to hang your suit and compression straps to keep them tight and wrinkle-free.


While interior pockets are important, the exterior pocket is what makes life easier for you in the airport. The best travel garment bag allows you to keep your passport/documents, tablet, and even laptop in an easy to reach pocket, similar to suitcase carry-ons.


Some of the best luggage for business travel carry on feature side, top and rear straps to allow you to use your small garment bag as a backpack, shoulder bag or carry in your hand. If you like to drag your carry on garment luggage, look for bags with extendable aluminium handle.

Expandable garment bags

When it comes to travelling, the packing space matters a lot. Therefore, we always want to look for baggage that can allow us to pack a few extra pairs of socks and underwear. Some of the best garment bags feature side expandable pockets as well as interior expendable compartments to allow you to pack more clothing when needed. So, it’s a good feature to look for in your garment carry-on bag.

Best garment bag brands

Due to the high-demands, there are hundreds of companies manufacturing carry-on a garment bags. While some companies make relatively cheap garment bags with lower-quality, there are some brands that stand out. We made sure top quality products from reputable brands are included in our best carry on garment bags reviews. Here is the list of the top-rated carry on garment bag size manufacturers.


The most popular bag brand worldwide is the Samsonite. This American luggage manufacturer and retailer has been providing suitcases, toiletry bags, briefcases etc. The company was founded back in the early 20th century and has built an outstanding reputation around the world.

It’s so popular that in some countries they refer to briefcases as Samsonite bags. Samsonite luggage lift carry-on wheeled garment bag is one of our favourites. If you like to buy a garment bag from this popular carry on brand, make sure to read this review because we included the best Samsonite carry-on garment bag for you.


The company was founded 30 years ago and they are one of the world’s biggest carry on baggage distributors. Travelpro carry on garment bag is only one of the items they make, the rest of their products include the carry-on suitcases, check in bags, backpacks, and laptop bags.

Travelpro men’s carry on garment bags range from $50 to $400, so they have heavy duty garment bag for every budget category.

Briggs & Riley

It’s a US-based company which was founded in 1993 and has a headquarter in New York. They have quite a few patented designs including the patented outsider handle design found on their carry-on suitcases. Their bags are pricey but high-quality and usually come with lifetime guarantee.

Briggs & Riley luggage includes duffel bags, garment bags, checked luggage, carry-ons, backpacks, packing cubes, and more. We highly recommend them, they offer the best rolling carry on garment bag.


While this is not as popular as the rest of the top suit carry-on travel garment bag manufacturers, they have few high-quality bags that boast hundreds of top consumer reviews on the web.

Wallybags include tri-fold garment bags, garment bags with handles and basic garment covers. For business trips we recommend their ultra light carry on luggage WallyBags 42, it’s on the top of the review.


This brand is popular for leather carry on garment bags for short weekend trips. They offer a brown garment bag as well as other colours in designs.


They manufacture some of the best-selling leather garment bags on the market. Their bags are good quality and boast hundreds of highly-rated consumer reviews. One of the main factors behind their success is their affordable prices. They offer different types of durable stylish hand carry baggage for under $80.

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