Travel Accessories

Best travel accessories and essential items for a perfect holiday

Whether we are travelling domestically or overseas, our travel accessories play an important role in making our trips pleasant and smooth.

Even though tempted to carry the comforts of our house with us, when we travel we need to pack light for our own ease and also to abide by the international rules for transporting liquids on a plane or the weight limits every airline imposes.

Carry-ons, liquid containers, travel scales, travel clothes are only some of the most important travel accessories we need to have.
Here at Chasing The Unexpected, we strive to give you the best tips for travelling to specific countries and we review the necessary travel gear to make it easy for you to find the perfect products for your needs.

Right now, we are loving our new CabinZero backpacks. They are easy to pack and carry, our stuff stays nicely laid out inside the bag, there is an inside pocket for our laptop and also an outside pocket for the documents you need to take out more often.
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We have also reviewed other brands of travel backpacks to give you a complete overview of the different types and models of carry-on travel bags.
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Wherever you want to go and whichever is the season, you can’t leave without a carry-on bag. Hard-shell, soft, compliant to the TSA and most airlines requirements, the world of carry-on luggage is endless. We found the best hand luggage for every budget so you can choose the one that fits your travel needs.
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Before leaving for my travels, my newly-packed suitcase looks pretty tidy, but at the end of the holiday, when I’m packing my stuff in my hotel room, I don’t know why but it always looks messy. Packing cubes are definitely a great way to organise your stuff inside your luggage, from clothes to toiletries to underwear, everything will have its own place.
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Ideally, the bathroom of your hotel room or rented apartment would be huge, but it’s not always the case. To save space and always have your creams, soaps, shampoo, conditioner, clips and whatever you need easy to reach and tidy, travel with a hanging toiletry bag and you’ll have a more relaxed holiday.
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How to avoid annoying airline surcharges? Don’t exceed their weight limit, both on your carry-on and on the suitcase to check-in. Before getting to the airport make sure you check the weight limit of your airline and put your luggage on a scale. Not always hotels have a scale for this, so to avoid unpleasant surprises at the airport, carry with you a lightweight and inexpensive digital travel scale.
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Alongside weight limits, travelling by plane also means to be careful to carry the right liquid containers to avoid security officers to confiscate our expensive creams, perfumes or drinks. Using compact travel bottles you will be able to take with you your daily products without taking too much space in your luggage, carry-on or checked-in.
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Travelling doesn’t mean you need to give up on your healthy diet and lifestyle. Even if you are travelling longterm, or especially if you are on a long trip, you should always eat healthy to have the energies to carry on. Carrying with you a lightweight travel blender makes it easier to get your daily intake of fruits and veggies with delicious smoothies. We reviewed the best portable blenders on the market and we are confident you can find the product that better adapts to your needs.
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Going on certain trips requires carrying suits and to carry your suit without the wrinkle, you need specific bags that can fit and protect your precious suits. We picked the best garment bags for suits that will make your next trip much easier.
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