The Land of the Arians, the Greater Persia, the land of the Shah. Throughout the centuries, Iran has fascinated artists, poets, queens, kinds, world leaders and all types of travellers.

Today a controversial and appealing destination, who wants to travel to Iran has landed in the right place. We will not only give you practical tips and information to organise and plan your Iran trip, but we will also tell you about the local culture, the history, the society that never fails to hit the headlines.

Do you need practical tips on how to organise your trip like how to apply for visa or how to book hotels? We provide them to you. Are you looking for some useful advice? Here the things to know before travelling to Iran, here how to plan your trip, here our tips on how to dress in Iran and how to get a visa.

Do you need guides for a classical tour or for single cities? We have written some and we are working on more. Some of our most popular? A complete guide to classic Iran, the things to do in Isfahan, exploring Yazd, visiting the old Tehran or what to do in Tabriz.

Do you want to explore the culture of Iran, the society of this beautiful country and its history? We got you covered. Explore the eternal Persepolis, read the best books written about Iran, find out what you can buy as a souvenir in Iran, discover the “real Iran” with us, discover Iran’s Christian architecture in Isfahan and learn about the open wounds of Khuzestan province.

Travelling to Iran alone as a woman? Nothing to worry, you can read about my personal experience here, here and here.

Still wondering whether or not visit Iran? Here are my ten reasons why you should ASAP!

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