The Land of the Arians, the Greater Persia, the land of the Shah. Throughout the centuries, Iran has fascinated artists, poets, queens, kinds, world leaders and all types of travellers.

Today a controversial and appealing destination, who wants to travel to Iran has landed in the right place. We will not only give you practical tips and information to organise and plan your Iran trip, but we will also tell you about the local culture, the history, the society that never fails to hit the headlines.

Do you need practical tips on how to organise your trip like how to apply for visa or how to book hotels? We provide them to you. Are you looking for some useful advice? Here the things to know before travelling to Iran, here how to plan your trip, here our tips on how to dress in Iran and how to get a visa.

Do you need guides for a classical tour or for single cities? We have written some and we are working on more. Some of our most popular? A complete guide to classic Iran, the things to do in Isfahan, exploring Yazd, visiting the old Tehran or what to do in Tabriz.

Do you want to explore the culture of Iran, the society of this beautiful country and its history? We got you covered. Explore the eternal Persepolis, read the best books written about Iran, find out what you can buy as a souvenir in Iran, discover the “real Iran” with us, discover Iran’s Christian architecture in Isfahan and learn about the open wounds of Khuzestan province.

Travelling to Iran alone as a woman? Nothing to worry, you can read about my personal experience here, here and here.

Still wondering whether or not visit Iran? Here are my ten reasons why you should ASAP!

10 reasons why you should visit Iran now

Should I or should I not visit Iran? You’ve been pondering, mulling over, thinking about it, even planning, yet you ...
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How to get an Iran visa – 2023 UPDATE

All you need to know to apply for Iran visa, whether it's visa on arrival, online visa or from the local embassy. Find out all the necessary Iran visa requirements.
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15 Easy Tips To Plan A Perfect Trip To Iran – 2023 UPDATE

Discover my best tips on how to plan a perfect trip to Iran after years of travels to Persia. How to deal with money, how to book a hotel, how to dress: find out how to enjoy a smooth Iran holiday.
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11 fantastic books on Iran you should read before traveling

A fascinating country that inevitably tickles our curiosity, to many Iran is still one of those mysterious and inaccessible places ...
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My visit to the former US embassy in Tehran

It’s recent news the diplomatic crisis between Iran and the UK, and when I visited the former US embassy in ...
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Hookah Flavors and How to Have the Perfect Shisha Experience

Find out how to choose the best hookah flavors and some pretty great tips on how to have a perfect shisha experience without a headache or feeling dizzy.
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Female travel in Iran – My personal experience and what you need to know

Solo female travel in Iran, is it a good idea? Is it safe for women to travel to Iran? I ...
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The 8 Best Parks in Tehran to Visit at Least Once in Your Trip

Discover the best parks in Tehran and take a break from the city's traffic and pollution. Enjoy a picnic, a walk or a tea in one of these beautiful gardens, some of the favourite Tehran attractions.
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Top 15 Unmissable Things to Do in Tehran, Capital of Iran

Find out what are the best things to do in Tehran and the truly unmissable places to visit in the vibrant capital of Iran between opulent palaces, crowded bazaars and beautiful parks.
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Wonderful Abbasian House in Kashan Shows You Iran’s Private Life

Enter the luxurious Abbasian House in Kashan to see what's private life in Iran like and how traditional Iranian houses are led and organized.
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Yazd Grand Mosque: 16 Photos that Show its Sophisticated Islamic Architecture

One of the biggest highlights of the desert city of Yazd is certainly the beautiful Friday mosque. The sophisticated decorations ...
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What to Pack for Iran – 15 Essentials to Add To Your Iran Packing List

Trying to understand what to pack for Iran? We got you covered! Find the essentials you can't forget when traveling to Persia.
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Iran Dress Code: My Top 7 Tips on What to Wear in Iran

All about Iran dress code. My top tips on what to wear in Iran following the Islamic dress code for tourists, both men and women. Useful tips on what to wear in Iran in summer.
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Flavors of Tehran in Pictures, a Photo Journey Through Iran

Strolling around colorful shops and local markets in the Iranian capital to capture the soul of vibrant Tehran in pictures.
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How to Visit Abyaneh, Iran, to Step Back in Ancient Persia

Discover what to do to make the most of your trip to Abyaneh, an ancient village in central Iran, to feel in ancient Persia.
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