Iran Travel Tips

Even though a popular tourist destination by now, planning a trip to Iran is not always easy and straightforward.

Due to the sanctions imposed on the country, foreign travellers might find it hard to book hotels in Iran, to reserve domestic flights and to exchange money.

Peruse our articles and you will find tips on what to wear in Iran, especially for women, how to get Iran visa, even some tips in Persian language, specifically how to bargain, how to ask for directions and how to order at the restaurant.

Iran is a great holiday destination, and here at Chasing The Unexpected we empower you to plan a perfect trip and enjoy its beauty fully.

How to get an Iran visa – 2023 UPDATE

All you need to know to apply for Iran visa, whether it's visa on arrival, online visa or from the local embassy. Find out all the necessary Iran visa requirements.
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15 Easy Tips To Plan A Perfect Trip To Iran – 2023 UPDATE

Discover my best tips on how to plan a perfect trip to Iran after years of travels to Persia. How to deal with money, how to book a hotel, how to dress: find out how to enjoy a smooth Iran holiday.
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Days of the Week in Persian – Pronunciation + Examples

If you are traveling to Iran, Afghanistan, or Tajikistan, knowing the days of the week in Persian will be of ...
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How to Bargain in Farsi and Remember the Persian Numbers

It’s very likely that once in Iran, you will indulge in some shopping, and this is why it won’t harm ...
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How to Order Food in Persian language When You Are in Iran

So you’ve read my super popular (and super copied around the web!) article about the ten reasons why you should ...
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English to Farsi: How to ask for directions in Persian language

Going to your hotel from the airport? Trying to rent a taxi to go to the bazaar? Or just having ...
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What to Pack for Iran – 15 Essentials to Add To Your Iran Packing List

Trying to understand what to pack for Iran? We got you covered! Find the essentials you can't forget when traveling to Persia.
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Iran Dress Code: My Top 7 Tips on What to Wear in Iran

All about Iran dress code. My top tips on what to wear in Iran following the Islamic dress code for tourists, both men and women. Useful tips on what to wear in Iran in summer.
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Mah Card: The Iranian Debit Card For Tourists To Avoid Carrying Too Much Cash

Discover the benefits of Mah Card, an Iranian debit card for foreign tourists travelling to Iran, and avoid carrying too much cash while in Iran.
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Grab a 9-day Iran tour for just 369€ including hotels

Home to one of the world’s oldest civilisations and masterpieces such as Isfahan’s Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque and Ali Qapu Palace, ...
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Best Tehran hotels, our guide to the top Tehran accommodations

One of the main issues of foreigners travelling to Iran is to book hotels. Due to the international sanctions and ...
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Iran souvenirs: the ultimate guide to shopping in Iran

You have been mulling over whether you should visit Iran or not, you have decided to start planning your trip to ...
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18 things to know before you travel to Iran

From ta'arof to the tipping etiquette to the public transport, here are 18 things to know before you travel to Iran to ensure a perfect stay.
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