Best travel bottles 2022. The ultimate guide to the top 10 travel containers for liquids

While there are stricter or more permissive airlines, now all carriers must follow the international safety rules for liquids. We reviewed the best travel-size bottles to make it easy for you to pick the best for your needs. When we travel, we always prefer to have our favorite hair product or face cream.

At the same time, we want to protect the clothes and other travel accessories in our suitcase. This is why it’s important that our 100ml travel bottles don’t leak and are strong enough to bear a long trip.

Leakproof, TSA-approved and BPA-free are only some of the necessary features our top travel size bottles feature, making it a great travel gift idea and a must-have whether you are packing for a family trip. Refer to our detailed guide to the best travel size containers and organize a smooth and carefree trip. To help you easily navigate and compare our best travel bottles buying guide, we have created a comparison table below.

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Dot&Dot leak-proof travel bottles

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Dot&Dot leak-proof travel containers are the best travel bottles with clear toiletry bag packaging. These leakproof travel containers are available in 3oz, 2oz and 1.25-ounce bottle sets. They are also TSA-approved. This means you wouldn’t have any problem taking them in your carry-on bag along with your travel luggage scale and other staff.

With three leakproof walls on the lid, Dot&Dot travel containers are the best travel-size bottles for toiletries to protect your personal items from leaks and spills. These bottles are made of FDA-approved 100% BPA-free food-grade silicone to ensure they are food safe.

Our 3-oz travel bottles are also easy to clean and refill thanks to their large openings. These leak-proof travel containers are squeezable/soft, reliable and strong. They are available in many colors and sizes. In order to easily identify the contents of your toiletry containers, each travel squeeze bottle has a pre-printed ID label (shampoo, conditioner, soap, sunscreen, lotion). Overall these are some of the best travel containers for liquids boasting hundreds of high-rated consumer reviews.

Valourgo silicone travel containers

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With a clear bag and 3.3 oz TSA-approved travel bottle size, Valourgo are refillable travel bottles for toiletries. Many consider this the best travel bottle package. It consists of four bottles of different colors, a lanyard and a clear bag. Each one of these TSA-approved travel bottles is 5.5″ tall and 2″ wide and has a 3.3oz/98ml capacity.

These clear travel bottles are designed with a hole in one end so that you can hang the bottle on the showerhead or around your neck.

As far as the materials go, the Valourgo leak-proof toiletries travel size bottles are 100% BPA-free. This is why you can store eatable oils in these food-grade silicone bottles. The lanyard dries quickly and makes these refillable shampoo and conditioner containers easy to carry and store.

Another reason why they are the best travel containers for liquids is the soft silicone that allows you to squeeze the very last drop of content. Valourgo leakproof travel bottles also have rotatable labels to allow the user to read what is inside the travel bottle.

A few other features that make these 100ml travel bottles some of the best travel containers for toiletries are the oz numbers embossed on the bottle, triple sealing cap, wide mouth for easy filling, suction cup and no-drip valve. Valourgo leak-proof silicone travel containers are also Amazon’s Choice because they are high-rated by consumers. Bottom line is that these toiletry containers are high-quality and some of the best leak-proof travel bottles that you can find on the market.

Chica and Jo travel-size containers

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On the third place in the best travel bottles review, the Chica and Jo 2oz clear empty travel size containers. The package includes a set of 6 TSA-compliant containers and a convenient clear zip-top bag. There is also a pipette included for extracting liquids with these refillable travel bottles.

In terms of material, the Chica and Jo travel containers are BPA-free and FDA approved. Therefore, in these travel-size plastic bottles, you can store your essential oils as well as cosmetic products.

These TSA-approved containers are made in the US and they are flexible so you can easily squeeze. With the cap on, the Chica and Jo travel shampoo bottles are 4″ tall and 1.4″ wide. They are compact and leak-proof which makes them the best travel tubes for liquids for traveling.

This package of travel shampoo containers is also Amazon’s Choice because of consumer top-rated reviews. If you are looking for US-made travel containers, these 2 oz travel bottles are the best refillable shampoo bottles to consider.

LiquiSnugs Leak Proof – Silicone Travel Bottles

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LiquiSnugs travel bottle set is one of the best travel containers with 98% consumer 5-star ratings. These toiletry bottles come in white clear color. This makes it easy for the user to see the product inside the bottles. LiquiSnugs package is a set of three travel-size toiletry bottles and a clear toiletry bag. They are 2 three oz travel containers and one 2 oz container. so you won’t have a problem taking them inside the plane with you.

LiquiSnugs silicone travel containers are BPA-free, TSA approved and FDA certified. You can safely store your travel toiletries in them. These travel toiletry bottles feature a triple sealing cap, easily refillable wide mouth, ID window, and suction cup. LiquiSnugs travel liquid bottles are also soft and squeezable and don’t have a drip valve.

They are food-grade silicone bottles with an anti-leak cap to prevent leaks, spills and accidental drops which makes them some of the best leak-proof travel bottles. On these refillable shampoo and conditioner bottles, the capacity is displayed so you won’t be going through any hassle in the airport. These travel-size shampoo bottles are reusable, good quality and definitely some of the best travel bottles for toiletries.

AMMAX TSA-approved toiletries containers

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In this in-depth review of the best travel containers for liquids, the AMMAX squeezable travel cosmetic bottles occupy a place for multiple reasons. This package consists of four travel containers for toiletries, each of them of a size of 3 fl. oz perfect for shampoo, cream, or liquids like a face toner or eye makeup remover.

AMMAX TSA-approved travel bottles are 100% guaranteed leak-proof and BPA-free which makes them rank among the best travel containers for liquids. We recommend these top-rated silicone travel bottles due to their variety, quantity and leak-proof quality.

Oursunshine travel bottles

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Next in the list of the best travel size containers are the semi-popular Oursunshine travel bottles. The package contains a 4 travel bottle kit in grey and clear colours and two travel jars for creams.

Two of the silicone travel tubes are 5″ tall and 1.3″ wide 3 oz travel bottles. The other two travel-size toiletries containers are 4.1″ tall and 1.3″ wide 2 oz travel containers. The travel jars for cream are 1.1″ tall and 1.3″ wide 10 g travel lotion containers.

Oursunshine travel-size toiletries are in Amazon’s Choice category, which indicates their quality and why they are some of the best travel bottles for toiletries.

These TSA travel bottles are BPA-free and food safe. They don’t have toxin materials and you can use these leak-proof bottles to carry your essential oils, ketchup, salad dressing etc.

Oursunshine leak-proof travel size lotion bottles have triple sealings and cross valves to make sure nothing spills out from the containers inside your luggage. With the wide mouth, these travel lotion containers are easy to refill and wash. This silicone travel bottles package is one of the best travel accessories to carry with you.

Dolovemk luxury travel bottles

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In the best travel bottles review, a place is for the luxury travel bottles by Dolovemk. Without a doubt, they are some of the best travel size bottles on the market. These luxury travel bottles for toiletries are TSA approved so you can take them with you on board without any hassle.

The package contains six bottles for essential oils, perfume, serums, fragrance, cream, liquid, cosmetics etc. A zip-top clear toiletry bag is also included with these golden color, luxury travel-size spray bottles. You can easily disassemble these glass travel containers to clean or refill them.

They are also leak-proof and the travel size spray bottles feature a rubber ring all around the head to make sure they don’t leak. As far as the materials of these metallic refillable travel makeup containers go, they are tasteless, safe, durable and also reusable. While they are a few dollars more expensive compared to other bottle travel size products, they have good features and are definitely some of the best travel containers for liquids.

Beveetio travel containers

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Beveetio travel shampoo and conditioner bottles are TSA approved. Each of these travel containers comes in different colors and leakproof caps to ensure there is no leakage. To make sure your bottles don’t leak, only fill the plastic travel bottles with 90% of the capacity. This way, you’ll allow room for expansion during the transportation on the airplane.

Beveetio silicon clear plastic travel bottles are flexible so you can squeeze to get every drop of the liquid out. There are five pre-labeled ID windows and also three blank labels for you to easily identify contents in plastic travel containers.

Beveetio package includes 14 leakproof travel containers, all of them lightweight and easy to carry. The package consists of 5 silicone travel bottles of 2.9oz each, 5 containers for creams, 1 spray bottle the size of 2oz, 1 pump bottle of 2oz and 1 clear bag that makes it perfect for air travel.

You can use Beveetio refillable lotion tubes to carry shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen, lotions and body wash. Squeeze and release to get exactly how much you want without globs of excess oozing out. There is also a suction cup on the back of these top travel containers.

Gemice refillable travel bottles for toiletries

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Another best travel accessory in Amazon’s Choice Category is the TSA-approved liquid containers by Gemice. This package has 4 3-oz spill-proof travel containers and a transparent quart-sized toiletry bag. These silicon 3.3 oz travel bottles are BPA-free and squeezable. Each travel cream container has a specific color and pre-printed label. You can also change the label if you want a different text on these refillable toiletry bottles.

Another good feature of these empty travel containers is that they are 100% money-back guarantee. So, if you don’t like these top travel lotion bottles, you can always send them back.

The Gemice small plastic bottles for travel are suitable for hair serums, oils, alcohols, salicylic acid, hydrogen peroxide, etc. There is also the capacity embossed on the bottles in case you need to show them at the airport check-in. With hundreds of 5-star ratings, these are some of the best travel jars for creams.

humangear Gotoob+ Silicone Travel Bottle With Locking Cap

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Last but not least in the best travel container for liquids review is another package of 3.4 oz bottles for air travel by Humangear Gotoob+. The difference between these travel storage containers and the travel squeeze tube mentioned before is in the design. While both of the mini travel containers packages feature the same quality and materials, they vary in colour and shape.

These travel bottles are with a hole on one end of the container so you can carry them using the lanyard. The package of these travel-size bottles for airplanes includes 4x 3.3oz bottles. These silicone shampoo bottles have the same clear color on the bottle but different colors on the lids.

These empty plastic bottles for travel by Humangear Gotoob+ come in a clear travel toiletry bag which is carry-on approved. These best travel containers for toiletries are made in BPA-free and FDA food-safe silicone and feature a lock to hang on a wall through a hook. Not happy? They come with a lifetime warranty!

Things to know and reasons to use travel containers

To comply with TSA rules

The TSA has specific rules in place and if you don’t comply they will confiscate your pricey cosmetic and oils.

Mini travel bottles occupy less space

A toiletry bottle set takes less space in your bag compared to shampoo or other liquid bottles.

They are leak-proof liquid containers

Unlike other liquid bottles, there is very little chance that the travel size makeup containers leak. All our best travel containers for shampoo, oil and other liquids are leak-proof with multiple sealings in the cap/lid.

TSA’s liquid requirements?

The TSA currently allows liquids in containers 3.4 oz or smaller.
Here is what TSA says: “You can bring a quart-sized bag of liquids, gels, aerosols, creams, and pastes in your carry-on bag and through the checkpoint. These are limited to travel-sized containers that are 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less per item.”
Note: If you don’t want your liquid/makeup or oil to get confiscated, make sure they are in containers smaller than 3.4oz.

What is PET material?

It’s the food-grade material used in the major bottled water brands. So, if you see the term PET within the best travel bottle reviews, it means it’s safe to store food in those leak-proof travel containers. However, some of these squeezy travel bottles are not designed for food storage. You can use them only as a travel cosmetic container.

What does BPA-free travel bottles mean?

BPA, the short form of BisPhenol A is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics since the 1960s. According to some research, BPA can seep into food or beverages from containers that are made with it. Exposure to BPA is a concern because of possible health effects. That’s why we picked the BPA-free best travel containers for liquids.

Things to look for in the best travel bottles

  • Wide mouth opening for easy refilling and cleaning of the travel bottle set.
  • Multiple layers of sealings result in the best leak-proof travel containers.
  • While most of TSA approved travel containers have the capacity written on the bottle, some travel liquid containers may not have it. Therefore, it’s better to check and make sure your travel bottles have the capacity number embossed on the bottle.
  • Physical dimensions of the travel bottles are important. 5-inch tall is normal for the largest travel containers. Compact and small travel containers for cosmetics take less space.
  • It’s easier to see the product in clear travel containers.
  • The number of travel bottles and lid/cap options (spray cap and flip cap). Some of the refillable cosmetic bottle packages have multiple bottle sizes and options. You can use one bottle as a travel perfume container while the others for shampoo, lotion, oil etc.
  • There are flexible silicone travel bottles, hard plastic travel bottle size for airlines, and glass pump bottles for shampoo.
  • You can also look for the small liquid containers that have a pipette for extracting liquids, a spatula to spread or lift the products, and the funnel for easy refilling of airport travel size bottles.

Last Word On Travel Size Toiletry Bottles

While these travel bottles cost as little as $10, they can prevent several unwanted scenarios. Using any of the reviewed leak-proof toiletry bottles in this buying guide, you will be complying with TSA’s liquid rules. That means when you get to the TSA line you are not going to be told your bottles are too large. So, you won’t have to spend extra money to get them shipped or go to the airline counter for your check-in luggage or even worse, throw your favorite shampoo, sunscreen, or expensive essential oils away. Buying the travel-size bottles mentioned above will help you take your liquid on the airplane with peace of mind.

So, you won’t have to spend extra money to get them shipped or go to the airline counter for your check-in luggage or even worse, throw your favorite shampoo, sunscreen, or expensive essential oils away. Buying the travel-size bottles mentioned above will help you take your liquid on the airplane with peace of mind.

They also help you pack efficiently for years to come depending on how often you use them. While using leak-proof travel bottles, it’s also a good idea to keep your liquids in a separate compartment, preferably in your toiletry bag. When using TSA-approved quart-size bags for liquids in the carry-on, make sure they are good quality and leak-proof. Quality bags with a good seal can help to contain any leaks inside your luggage.

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