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Who is Angela Corrias

about me: Angela Corrias

My name is Angela Corrias, I am a journalist, photographer, and blogger with a soft spot for the lesser visited corners of the world.

After almost ten years of expat and semi-nomadic life around Brazil, Europe, China, and Iran among others, I came back to my homeland, Italy, to settle in Rome.

Alongside this blog, My work has appeared in my publications around the world, from Al Jazeera English to New York Post, from Forbes Travel Guide to Global Times. Check this page to see a sample of my published articles.

My travels and encounters with many different cultures earned me some media coverage and interviews in English, Italian and French. Check my media page for some of the interviews I took part in.

Now that I made Rome my home again, it’s from here that I leave for new trips. In recent years, Iran has seen me always more often, and in 2016 my new favorite destination has become Afghanistan.

Why Afghanistan? Because it has a long history and a rich culture, it has been a war zone for the last forty years and it’s a bottomless source of inspiration for articles and books (right now working on two titles that will be disclosed in due time). Oh, also because I got married there.

Send me an email at angela@chasingtheunexpected.com Please be advised that I don’t accept guest posts.

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Who is Sayed Hamed Hosseiny

About Sayed Hamed Hosseiny

Hamed, my husband, is from Herat province. After going through a period of civil war that saw the different groups of US-backed Mujahideen fight against each other, and the five years of the Taliban regime, Hamed was in Afghanistan also in 2001 when the NATO intervention to topple the Taliban kicked off.

His career started as an interpreter at a NATO base and, after military training with ex-military contractors, he was hired as a private security contractor.

After a pretty troubled life, Sayed Hamed Hosseiny is now the second half of this travel blog and the other websites we manage, Rome Actually, il Mio Iran, Sardinia Revealed, and Fearlessly Italy.

He is also the founder of yourexercisebike.com where he regularly writes about indoor cycling and exercise bikes. If you want to contact us for interviews or assignments, please see our Contact Us Page to get in touch with us.

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