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Delve into a treasure trove of travel guides, tips, and advice that span the globe, uncovering the hidden gems and must-visit locations that make each journey unique. We (Angela Corrias and Sayed Hamed Hosseiny) share our firsthand experiences, offering personal anecdotes and insider knowledge to help you plan your own remarkable adventures.

Image: Visit lesser-packed places is a sustainable way of traveling without sacrificing comfort.

How to become a more sustainable traveler without sacrificing comfort

Traveling in style and comfort while still being environmentally conscious may seem challenging, but it’s entirely possible. Sustainable travel isn’t just about roughing it in the wilderness; it’s about making mindful choices that benefit both you and the planet. Before we explore how you can become a more sustainable traveler without compromising your comfort, we’ll … Read more

Image: Italy a destination with black friday deals for travelers

Fantastic 2023 Black Friday Deals For Travelers

Yes, this so much waited-for time of the year is back. We are all waiting for the best promotions and sales of the year because let’s face it, we have to buy our Christmas presents, don’t we? And is it not all the better if we buy them with some sweet discounts? Whether you are … Read more

Top things to do in Sydney, Australia

Cool things to do in Sydney

A fascinating mix of urban life and outdoor activities, Sydney is packed with fantastic things to do and places to visit. From climbing and walking its bridges to skydiving for the more adventurous, this vibrant city in eastern Australia has something for everyone. Some of the coolest things to do in Sydney Sydney is such … Read more

Image: Why do road trips make you tired? Problems and solutions from Angela Corrias of Chasing The Unexpected.

Why Do Road Trips Make You Tired? 7 Reasons + Solutions

When we think of travel, the first things that cross our minds are discovery, adventure, and adrenaline. Even though an endless source of excitement, seasoned travelers are fully aware that road trips can be incredibly draining. But why do road trips make you tired if we look so forward to them? In this article, I’m … Read more

Image: Natural beauty is what Brazil is known for.

What is Brazil Famous For? 11 Interesting Brazil Facts

Brazil, the largest nation in South America, is a land of remarkable diversity, encompassing natural wonders, vibrant culture, and an array of experiences that have made it celebrated across the globe. But what is Brazil famous for? From the iconic beaches of Copacabana to the Amazon rainforest’s untouched wilderness, Brazil’s fame is rooted in its … Read more

Iguazu Falls, a natural wonder

Iguazu Falls, a natural wonder

The gorgeous Iguazu Falls lies within Argentinian territory in Misiones province on the border with Brazil. Covering the border between three states, Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay, Iguazu waterfalls are spectacular and often a must in the best South American tours. These falls are made up of 275 individual waterfalls that stretch for over two miles. The thundering … Read more

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10 reasons why you should visit Iran now

Should I or should I not visit Iran? You’ve been pondering, mulling over, thinking about it, even planning, yet you still haven’t booked your trip to Iran. You don’t even know why, maybe holidays for you are synonymous with beach so you head to Thailand, maybe you think spices are only available in India, or maybe … Read more