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Alongside cultural and experiential travel, our website covers the most important things you need to know in order to plan a trip your own.

Our India travel tips will help you with the most practical aspects of your travel planning. When is the best time to go? How to get there? How to avoid getting sick and what to do when you get dodgy stomach?

Even though a popular tourist destination, India is not an easy trip to plan, and to some, it might look intimidating. Our useful tips will help you face different situations that in a foreign country, out of our comfort zone, can appear amplified.

Our most popular articles on India travel tips include:

How to avoid getting sick in India – Pretty self-explanatory, this post of ours is very popular as it helps you understand where and how you need to be careful when travelling to India, what to do if you actually get sick in India and how to protect yourself from the mosquito of the dengue fever.

When is the best time to visit India with tips on what to pack – Different seasons, different areas, India is a huge country and it’s always important to know when is the best time to visit. Our article helps you also pack useful items you will need in India.

The best hotels in Delhi, luxury and budget accommodations – If you are travelling to the hectic capital of India, we assure you, you will need a good hotel to unwind and unplug after a day spent in the city’s traffic. In our post, you will find the best hotels in Delhi, 5-star accommodations, budget hotels and good hotels near Delhi airport. All places that pamper their guests with luxury facilities, yet without breaking your bank.

Tips for a great motorcycle trip around India – A huge and diverse country, embarking on a motorcycle trip around India is intimidating and fascinating at the same time. Read Ali’s tips on how to get the most of this one-of-a-kind adventure.

What to pack for a perfect Yoga retreat in India – One of the main reasons travellers go to India is to go to a Yoga resort, and it’s essential to know what to pack in order to have good yoga sessions and a great time.

Make sure you don’t miss also our India Travel Guides for the best places to visit, such as Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and the same capital, Delhi.

Check out our guide to the best India tours and packages.


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