Italy Travel Tips

As part of our Travel Tips section, we couldn’t possibly miss my country.

One of Europe’s most popular travel destinations, even though Italy is definitely tourist-friendly, it’s important to know how to get around, where to go and anything you need to have a smooth trip, avoid surprises and also save money.

There are countless airlines landing in Italy from many cities of the different Continents. If you want to compare airlines and prices, we suggest you check out useful websites like Kiwi for a complete overview.

All Italian regions, cities and smaller towns are worth a visit for a reason or the other. While travelling to Rome, Milan or Florence is pretty straightforward, maybe hitting more offbeat destinations like Sardinia is less obvious and easy. In Sardinia you would definitely need to rent a car if you want to travel out of the city and discover lesser-known places like countryside agriturismi, and the same applies to Sicily and other southern as well as northern regions like Trentino, popular for its natural landscape and resorts in the Dolomites easier to reach by car.

Even though travelling to the most popular tourist destinations is easier, you might as well prefer some guided tours to delve deeper into the place like some good private tours in Rome, or guided tours in Florence, Milan and Turin.

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