Tuscany tours: day trip from Florence to Siena

Day trip from Florence to Siena

Travelling to Florence is always overwhelming. The city might not be huge, but from the first moments wandering around its cobbled alleys and historical buildings, it’s immediately clear that its moniker of the cradle of the Renaissance wasn’t given by accident. However, if you are treating yourself with a longer stay in Tuscany, you can …

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20 things to know before travelling to Sardinia

1 monte seneghe sardinia - Travel Images

Are you thinking about spending a holiday in this beautiful Italian island? Here are some of the things to know before you travel to Sardinia. #1 It’s a desert island. Or is it? #2 Get ready to gain weight #3 If you are offered rotten cheese, don’t take it as an insult #4 Do we speak Italian or Spanish? #5 Are you ready to travel in time?