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Here at Chasing The Unexpected, we are open to different collaboration opportunities.

Guest posts

We ONLY accept guest posts from fellow travel bloggers. No commercial travel websites, tour companies, car rentals, etc. If you have a travel/holiday website do not contact us for a guest post, and if you do, don’t expect a reply from us and please do not follow up.

The types of guest posts we are looking for are:

X Things to do in City/Country (at least 15-20 things to do, plus tips on where to eat, public transport, hotels, some useful info on public transport, how to get to the city, safety tips if needed)

Best time to visit City/Country (for weather, festivals, holidays, specific activities, etc.)

Where to stay in a City (intro on the best neighbourhoods and info about them, why you recommend them, some useful info on public transport, how to get to the city, safety tips if needed, best restaurants/eateries etc.)

How to plan a trip to City/Country (at least 10 tips, some useful info on public transport, how to get to the city/country, safety tips if needed, best restaurants/eateries)

What to pack for City/Country (at least 10 items, highlight differences depending on the season)

Email me so I tell you if your city or country has already been covered: angelacorrias(@)

Some guidelines for the guest post:

  • At least 2500 words
  • At least 3 high-resolution pictures (yours or that you have permission to use them)
  • Original content, please no duplicates

What you will get:

  • 2 do-follow links to your blog, 1 to specific posts (relevant to the topic) and 1 to the homepage
  • A shout-out on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Google+, Instagram)

The post will contain affiliate links and I will probably edit it to fit the site’s format and for SEO purposes.

Why advertise on Chasing The Unexpected?

I have launched Chasing The Unexpected after blogging for two years on another platform. During all these past months my readership has been increasing and becoming more engaged by the day, with comments, private emails and via social media.

My posts report my personal travel experience, and the research behind them stems always from my direct contact with the people, cultures, and traditions of the countries I visit. I don’t recycle information and I don’t write about locations I haven’t been to.

I love traveling, and my posts inevitably reflect this. I’m curious and enjoy exploring cities, countries, societies beyond the surface, reaching their intimate soul. My perpetual quest for the unexpected is what my readers like and expect from this site, and why they enjoy following me on my personal journey.

Here are some figures about my site (I will update them regularly):

DA: 44

PA: 48

Stats by Google Analytics updated March 2019: Sessions 21K; Pageviews 24K; Unique visitors 19K.

Facebook Page: 4,521 followers

Twitter @angelacorrias: 5,732 followers

Pinterest: 1,819 followers

Instagram: 3,566 followers

PR and press trips

We are willing to consider press/sponsored trips. Prior to departure, we will have agreed on terms and coverage, and although I will retain full editorial control, I will be happy to write more than one posts should the trip be offering the chance to visit more than one place.

If you wish to discuss a press trip with me, you can reach me at angelacorrias(@)

Advertising opportunities and collaborations

We are open to different types of advertising opportunities. If you want to discuss any potential advertising option, you can contact us.

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