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Any destination we touch in detail, we write about it. Alongside travel guides for countries and regions, we try our best to provide you with extensive city guides.

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Our Travel Tips zone will help you prepare your trip and also overcome some potential problems you might face once at the destination. Useful tips for your next trip.

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Here at Chasing The Unexpected, we strive to give you the best tips for travelling to specific countries and we review the necessary travel gear to make your trip easy.

Chasing The Unexpected

Here at Chasing The Unexpected, we do just that, we chase the tales, we discover the hidden traditions, we delve deep into the history and the culture of the places we visit.

Finally, we dutifully report everything we found so that you can travel with already some baggage of knowledge.


Do you need practical tips? We give them to you. Do you want to read more about our personal experiences? We record and reveal these, too.


And if you need some reading material, we update our books section whenever we find worthy titles and travel books. Reading our adventures, our special love for Iran, Afghanistan, and Italy will be immediately clear. Enjoy the ride and get in touch!

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Finding the best restaurants in Rome can be difficult and even experienced travellers can fall in the tourist trap. Our eBook for foodies in Rome wants to be a guide to the traditional flavours as well as what is new, different and exciting in Rome. The information we provide suits every type of traveller, palate and dietary needs, be it vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-intolerant or fish lover.

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author, travel journalist and blogger

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