Iran Travel Guides

Even though an always more popular tourist destination, planning a trip to Iran is still not so easy. The ongoing economic and financial sanctions make it difficult for foreigners to do shopping, to book hotels online in Iran, to purchase tickets for domestic flights and in general to spend your holidays in Iran without carrying too much cash around.

As one of the countries we always enjoy exploring, Iran couldn’t possibly miss in our travel guides.

Our Iran guides cover famous cities such as Isfahan, Shiraz and the same capital, Tehran, and soon also a more offbeat Iran with places such as Khuzestan, Lorestan and Hamedan. We give tips on the best places to visit in Iran, which airlines operate flights to Iran, where to go to book hotels online and how to get a tourist visa.

 To apply for Iran tourist visa you need to purchase a travel insurance. We suggest you buy the travel insurance with 1stQuest for many reasons: it’s cheap, it’s fast and easy, you have the guarantee it’s accepted at the border once you land at the airport if you still have to d your visa.
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Top Iran tour packages

If you would rather enjoy your holidays in Iran hassle-free and delegate the logistics and the details to the experts, then we have selected some of the best Iran tour packages.

1stQuest also offers a very cheap tour in Iran, Discover Iran, that is highly flexible and you tailor it according to your very needs. They will suggest an itinerary but you can change it, change the duration of your stay in each city, travel when you prefer and visit the highlights you want.
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G Adventures offers Discover Persia, a 14-day Iran private tour across the main highlights that made the country famous the world over such as Isfahan, Shiraz, Persepolis, the Zoroastrian Yazd, the fascinating Kerman province and obviously the huge capital, Tehran. In their own words, you will “explore the history of old Persia and the spirit of the new Iran”.
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If you are a fan of bikes and enjoy your holiday on two wheels, then Intrepid Travel‘s Cycle Iran tour is your best option. You will visit the most famous cities like Shiraz, nearby Persepolis, Qom, Kashan, Tehran, and also lesser-known sites such as the beguiling Izad Khast caravanserai near Isfahan. This is a real adventure and you need to be confident riding a bike and aware that you must follow a dress code (headscarf and covered shoulders, arms, legs for women) and that you might find quite warm weather especially late Spring and summer.
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While the most popular season to travel to Iran is Spring, 9-day Iran Express tour by Intrepid Travel will show you how nice and quiet the country is also in winter. Without the crowds, you will have a more intimate and authentic trip. You will still visit the tourist sights, but you will save time on the lines so you can linger in typical tea houses, local markets, cafes and streets.
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We all love staring at Persian blue architecture, at the ancient ruins of the Achaemenid Empire at Persepolis and Pasargadae, at the mesmerizing interplay of lights and shadows at Nasir al-Molk mosque in Shiraz, but let’s face it, one of the reasons Iran is becoming so popular is its cuisine. Persian food is rich in flavours, intoxicating fragrances, a mouth-watering collaboration of crisp and tender, herbs and spices, sweet and sour. With Iran Real Food Adventure by Intrepid Travel, you will explore the markets where Iranians shop for the ingredients and you will tuck into the different flavours of this age-old culinary tradition.
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