The city committed to rescuing the history of Afghanistan

History of Afghanistan, the tomb of Queen Goharshad Begum in Herat

“Our covered bazaars are even older than the ones in Europe!” swiftly let us know Jawid Zargham, Head of Culture and Art in Herat when he signed our authorization to access and photograph the city’s historical sites. “We are trying to buy the remaining covered bazaars and caravanserais from their private owners so we can …

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How to photograph Afghanistan (and stay safe)

how to photograph afghanistan

If there is one fascinating destination to visit and capture with your camera, this is Afghanistan. We all know how picturesque this war-torn land is and it’s quite straightforward that its recent history made it like no other country. This is why there certainly is more than one consideration tourists need to keep in mind, not only security-wise, …

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Hijab in Islam, why we don’t understand it

hijab in islam

Something strange happens to the human mind when a person is exposed to a culture different from his/her own. A mix of skepticism, suspicion, and fear can prevail preventing us from welcoming the stranger. The controversial topic of hijab in Islam is one of those sensitive issues that I feel we are not grabbing in Europe …

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Dreaming of peace: Interview with Hamed from Afghanistan

hamed ctu1 min - Travel Images

I’ve been managing this travel blog for some four years and never had either a partner nor a contributor. Until now. I’m very excited, in fact, to be introducing Hamed, an Afghan young man working in the security industry and with the passion for travel as the new contributor to the blog who will share his precious …

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