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Reviews of the best books and guides from all over the world. Before traveling to a destination, it’s always better to read few books about that place. For a start, you can always read a general book about the country and if you are interested, you can read books related to the places you are going to visit.

There are also many books about travel and self-discovery that we recommended in the list of 2018 travel books.

We recently wrote about our favorite best travel books in 2016, 2017 and 2018 for Iran and China. We all know how important is it’s to read a good book about your target destination. Plus, some of the plane, train, and other rides can get super boring. So, why not read some of the best travel books of all the time that keeps you both busy and add to your knowledge?

I started reading travel books and related travel books and other books way before I started this website. As a journalist I consider myself an eager reader with a great list of books that I liked and I will be adding them to this list so, you will have more travel books options to read. However, for now there is only my favorite books about Iran.

Travel Inspiration Books

If you are interested to read few great books about Iran, here is the list of my top book recommendations that can both inspire you to travel and also help you under the culture and the people of your destination better.

These Travel books are Meaningful and filled with daily life events, history, culture and they are inspiring.

Here are some of the best Iran travel books based on what I read throughout the years. If you’re looking for travel inspiration, you definitely can use this wonderful collection of travel stories, cultural information, historic events & helpful guides.

I’ve been traveling away from my home for more than a decade. Started in mid-2000 and ended up traveling to South America, Middle East, South Asia, many countries in Europe and still counting. My last trips were to the land of Afghans and Iran. I ended up living in Afghanistan among Afghans and experiencing their daily life. My love for travel started years ago and the inspiring travel books were always helpful.

I learned that we can all travel the world (not just wealthy people). All that was needed was the right inspiration and commitment. Some of the best travel books that we like are based on other travel adventures who managed to write their story along the way visiting every corner of the world.

The best travel books for adventurers

There are both travel stories and useful books about how to travel the world with little budget.

As soon as I finished reading new books that, I will update the list to inspire and motivate you to explore the world and learn more about your next travel destinations.

It’s true that the right book at the right time can change our life forever. It also adds loads of useful knowledge that come very handy, especially when traveling to a new destination. We know the number of the books to read are countless and since we can’t read them all, we decided to put together the best travel books together for you.

Some of my books include the best travel books 2016 best travel books 2017.

I personally read the books before I pick and chose them based on many criteria. As a journalist who has been traveling the world for years, I consider many aspects of a book before I decide to add them to the best travel book list. For now, I have added around 15 amazing books that you must read before you travel to your next destination.

These travel books will be your, inspiration, cultural and historical guide that you can refer to when you are out of your comfort zone in a foreign country.

Before, during and after our trips, we love to read. We do our research before travelling, usually with some guidebooks to know where to go and how to plan, and some novels to have an idea about the culture we are about to meet.

There are millions of books written about travelling by travellers from both today and the past, even from centuries ago such as the world-famous Marco Polo‘s “Il Milione”, known in English as “The Travels of Marco Polo”, or the travels of Ibn Battuta, the first Moroccan Muslim travel writer.

Travel books for daily inspiration

10 books to read before travelling to Iran

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You can find more of the best travel books of all time and the best travel novels here on chasing the unexpected.

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