Experiential travel

Also known as immersion travel and one of the most enriching forms of tourism, experiential travel has been a trend since 2010.

Our experiential travels

In our experiential travel we always dig deep to learn about the cultures, history, traditions and the way of local lives. Preferring experiential travel rather than superficial jaunts from a country to another has always helped us understand our travel destinations and their people better. This is why we strive to enrich our articles with details, color and bits of daily life to make our readers “feel”, “smell”, “see”, “hear” and “sense” the place we visited before them.

A deeper information about the culture and history of the place you are going on your next holiday is important because it helps you better encounter with the locals and understand their culture.

It also helps you avoid embarrassing moments and prevents you from risking to disrespect someone’s culture and traditions.

Why Do Road Trips Make You Tired? 7 Reasons + Solutions

When we think of travel, the first things that cross our minds are discovery, adventure, and adrenaline. Even though an ...
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Visiting Naini Lake in Nainital, Uttarakhand

One of the prettiest cities I’ve visited in Uttarakhand and a great destination if you are traveling to India in ...
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Exploring Catania between chivalry and charming decay

If there was one way to describe Catania, it wouldn’t be too far from sensory overloaded. Coming from Agrigento, I ...
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Dubai’s Top 7 Sightseeing Spots: The Old and The New

The first time I went to Dubai, two years ago, I wasn’t impressed. To the extent that when my parents ...
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In India, country full of contrasts

A trip to India is a cluster of emotions. I’m not alone in saying this, you can ask anybody you ...
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Moments from a traditional Indian wedding

Even though I had no idea where I was going, I felt lucky enough to be invited to a traditional Indian ...
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In Uttarakhand, where God was born

One of the most offbeat places to visit in Uttarakhand is Manila, unknown by most travellers and still off-topic on most ...
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Visiting Manila – a hidden gem in Uttarakhand state

After visiting the state of Rajasthan, I looked for some less “touristy” destination and found it in a tiny village ...
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In the footsteps of Ahmad Shah Massoud in Afghanistan’s Panjshir Valley

Despite hearing about the explosion in Parwan Province the day before, our minds were set to travel to the Panjshir ...
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The magic world of Pinuccio Sciola’s sounding stones

One of the best things I suggest doing in Sardinia is visiting the open-air lab-museum of the late sculptor Pinuccio ...
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Female travel in Iran – My personal experience and what you need to know

Solo female travel in Iran, is it a good idea? Is it safe for women to travel to Iran? I ...
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La Judería, the Charming Muslim, Christian, Jewish Quarter in Cordoba

After Seville and Cadiz, the third stop of my trip to Andalucía was the beautiful Córdoba. My 3-day stay was ...
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Exploring the fantastic Gaudi’s buildings in Barcelona

“Those who look for the laws of Nature as a support for their new works collaborate with the creator.” – ...
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Don’t Miss Orgosolo in Central Sardinia, the Town of Beautiful Street Art

Orgosolo is a small, apparently sleepy, town of central-eastern Sardinia located in the Barbagia region of the Nuoro province. It’s ...
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Inside the Forbidden City Between Myth and Reality

As I walked across the Forbidden City’s entrance gate in Beijing I was overwhelmed with expectations. I had read a ...
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