Experiential travel

Also known as immersion travel and one of the most enriching forms of tourism, experiential travel has been a trend since 2010.

Our experiential travels

In our experiential travel we always dig deep to learn about the cultures, history, traditions and the way of local lives. Preferring experiential travel rather than superficial jaunts from a country to another has always helped us understand our travel destinations and their people better. This is why we strive to enrich our articles with details, color and bits of daily life to make our readers “feel”, “smell”, “see”, “hear” and “sense” the place we visited before them.

A deeper information about the culture and history of the place you are going on your next holiday is important because it helps you better encounter with the locals and understand their culture.

It also helps you avoid embarrassing moments and prevents you from risking to disrespect someone’s culture and traditions.

Chasing The Unexpected