Delicacies at Qingdao street food market, China | Photo Story

1seafood qingdao - Travel Images

East Asia is famous worldwide for its street food, and in China, I’ve been to many lovely markets. The best one was in Beijing, but also Qingdao street food market boasted so many delicacies I couldn’t restrain from shamelessly tucking into all of them. OK, maybe not all, but definitely most of them… Qingdao street food is …

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All-Round Display of Shanghai Communist Relics

Image: Site of the 1st National Congress of the CCP one of Shanghai communist relics

Just beside glitzy skyscrapers and the fast-paced modernity that is involving the whole China, Shanghai municipality didn’t neglect to celebrate their recent past, much more communist than their present. Among the most fascinating city highlights are definitely Shanghai Communist relics. A hard-to-define system halfway with Capitalism that still clings onto some socialist principles, you can …

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The Fascinating Process of Making Silk at Beijing’s Silk Factory

Stretching silk sheets - Travel Images

My stay in Beijing was an alternation between tourist attractions and factories, and as a main station of the legendary Silk Road starting right from China, I visited the government-run silk factory to see silk production process steps, alongside pearl and jade factories. While I absolutely adore pearls and jades, what impressed me the most …

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