Delicacies at Qingdao street food market, China | Photo Story

East Asia is famous worldwide for its street food, and in China, I’ve been to many lovely markets. The best one was in Beijing, but also Qingdao street food market boasted so many delicacies I couldn’t restrain from shamelessly tucking into all of them. OK, maybe not all, but definitely most of them…

2seafood on sale - Travel Images
Seafood is also available still on the water, you can either buy it and cook it at home or choose a different combination from the ones already prepared and ask them to cook it there.
3seafood tarts - Travel Images
Here is some seafood prepared in tarts, in their original shells and ready to be spit-roasted. I’m a fan of seafood, so I tucked into it and it was absolutely delicious.
4mussels - Travel Images
One of the mussels-based delicacies I tried in Qingdao market.
5potato - Travel Images
My mom holding a spit-roasted potato. Not sure how they managed to cook it without breaking it, but it was crispy and delicious nevertheless.
6insects - Travel Images
Other delicacies available at the market, grasshoppers, and different types of worms. I didn’t try, but many people like them and are used in many countries in Southeast Asia, like Cambodia.
7insects2 - Travel Images
The same stall, I couldn’t tear myself apart such a peculiar sight. From another angle, in case you would like to better understand the species of the insects on sale.
8scorpions - Travel Images
I agree, the picture isn’t great, but it’s the closest I could get to a box full of scorpions without feeling shaky, so please, appreciate the effort. I didn’t try this dish either, but again, I heard some people like it.

Qingdao street food is a delicious and affordable way to try local flavors. If you find yourself in Qingdao, be sure to check out the street food market for a variety of tasty snacks and meals.

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31 thoughts on “Delicacies at Qingdao street food market, China | Photo Story”

  1. It all looks absolutely mouthwatering – apart from the worms and the scorpions of course! Well done for getting close to the scorpions!:) I love seafood so I think I would have great fun testing all of these treats.

  2. So interesting to see the kinds of foods people eat and sell around the world. The potato looks delicious, and the seafood is beautifully displayed. The insects and worms gross me out, but I’m glad some people like them!

  3. I could never get my self to try any insects or anything like that when I was in Asia. I just couldn’t justify eating it when there are so many other delicious dishes around. I spoke to someone who tried the grasshoppers in Bangkok, he said they are really crispy and taste kind of like cashew nuts!

  4. I TOTALLY appreciate the scorpion effort! I’m returning to Costa Rica this week, where I learned that they are truly my worst fear!

  5. Great photos. I’ve never been even been close to trying to eating things like scorpions or worms — probably will never have the courage to do it, either. I do like the looks of that potato! Nice to see your mom, too!

  6. Impresive, I wish my fiancé will take me to China and visit his parent and I can go visit some of these market. I love that picture your mom holding potato. pretty tall…I bet it’s really yummy,

  7. What fascinating images. Some of these look scary to me, not really edible but it’s always interesting to see local delicacies. Did you ever get sick from eating any of the street food?

    • I’ve eaten street food in China many times, anywhere I went in China and never got sick. I got sick in India once, a very bad food poisoning, although I hadn’t eaten street food but at a proper restaurant. I blamed the milk, as I took a soup that contained a bit and must have been not very fresh. Plus I’m little tolerant to milk, so I should have avoided. But in China never happened, nor in restaurants nor with street food.

  8. Reminds me of Thailand, I’m afraid bugs don’t do it for me, I tend to imagine them still alive, crawling and wriggling around in god knows what. Potatoes for me please.

  9. I’ve been becoming quite fond of street meat lately. Still can’t manage to eat anything with eyeballs though. Looks like there is lots of choice here though… :)


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