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Capo Cubeddu, deep-sea diver from the Navy's Varignano to the seven Continents

Capo Cubeddu and the unsung heroes of Italy’s Varignano

When he was accepted at the Varignano, the famous diving training school of the Italian Navy in Le Grazie along the La Spezia coastline, Domenico Cubeddu couldn’t even swim. Hailing from a small mountain village in central Sardinia, in 1954, when Italy was emerging from the debris of WWII, he was dreaming of joining the … Read more

Image: Sigiriya is one of the landmarks Sri Lanka is famous for.

What is Sri Lanka Famous For? 20 Interesting Sri Lanka Facts

Nestled like a precious jewel in the cerulean waters of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka emerges as an island nation brimming with a remarkable array of attractions that span its landscapes, history, culture, and culinary delights. Are you wondering what is Sri Lanka famous for? Brace yourself for a fascinating tour around this astonishingly green … Read more

Image: Temples is what is Thailand is famous for.

What is Thailand Famous for? 22 Facts about Thailand

If you’re wondering what is Thailand famous for, then you need this complete guide to all the Thailand culture and traditions. Any of the following might just tempt you to visit this incredibly colorful land – from the fabulous food or floating markets to terrific temples, a wide variety of wildlife, Thai massage and much … Read more

How to plan a trip to London

How to Plan a Trip to London in 10 Easy Steps

One of Europe’s most popular destinations, there are many things to consider when you decide to plan a trip to London. Are you unsure whether you need a visa or not? Are you planning a trip to London and don’t know which places to visit? Are you wondering where to book your hotel? Read our great London … Read more