Rio de Janeiro’s vibrant and colorful Sunday market

feira hippie

When I booked my ticket to Rio de Janeiro, I had only one thing in mind (well, apart from the handsome surfers hanging around the beach): Ipanema’s Feira Hippie, the artisan market that every Sunday sets its stalls in Praça General Osorio, in the exclusive Ipanema district. I’m a big fan of open markets, and …

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The Beauty of Nossa Senhora de Prainha Church, Fortaleza

nossa senhora prainha facade

Wandering about beautiful Fortaleza, the capital of the Brazilian state of Ceará, I stumbled on this church that captured my attention for its elegant simplicity. Its bright white and light blue tones, inevitably reminding Portuguese Catholic style, are a clean, pleasant sight to be enjoyed against the azure sea on the horizon. This is Igreja …

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Iguazu Falls, a natural wonder

Iguazu Falls, a natural wonder

The gorgeous Iguazu Falls lie within Argentinian territory in Misiones province on the border with Brazil. Covering the border between three states, Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay, Iguazu waterfalls are spectacular and often a must in the best South American tours. These falls are made up of 275 individual waterfalls that stretch for over two miles. The thundering …

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15 Fantastic Things to Do in Peru besides Machu Picchu

Best things to do in Peru

While Machu Picchu certainly is its biggest tourist draw and often completes the itinerary of a cool tour to South America, there are many more things to do in Peru that travelers often ignore. From visiting the beautiful capital Lima to the Amazon Rainforest to hiking in Pastoruri Glacier, this southern American country offers an …

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Top 10 reasons to visit Argentina

Top reasons to visit Argentina

The country of passion par excellence, Argentina introduced tango, one of the most sensual dances, to the world. Breathtaking natural landscapes, a fascinating culture, and mouthwatering dishes are only a few of the reasons to visit Argentina, one of the favorite destinations in a South American holiday. Read on and get inspired for your next …

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Exploring Fortaleza and the natural beauty of northeastern Brazil

fortaleza jangadas traditional boats min - Travel Images

“Abacaxi, óleo de coco, camarão, lagosta!” Pineapple, coconut oil, grilled shrimps, lobster. These the main products offered by the noisy and familiar street vendors populating Brazilian beaches and exploring Fortaleza you are bound to experience that. Everything about them seemed to shout, their colorful hat, their dancing-like allure under the unforgiving sun and their broad …

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Emcetur, in Fortaleza a better use for a public prison

1 emcetur entrance - Travel Images

It does look unusual for a market, but at first sight you probably won’t imagine this colonial building was created as the city’s public jail, nonetheless. Today Fortaleza’s Emcetur – Centro do Turismo, in Rua Senador Pompeu 350, hosts the Museum of Art and Culture of Ceara and a handicraft market mainly devoted to textiles. Along …

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Madness, bras and the best tribute to José de Alencar

jose alencar - Travel Images

I’ve already written about the tragic story of Iracema, so yesterday, while I was vagabonding around Fortaleza city center, finding a tribute to the very much cherished writer José de Alencar was a true moment of joy. I would have liked it to be a cozy one, between me and the writer, but being in …

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Delicious and healthy, taste tapioca with me in Fortaleza

tapioca banana cinnamon - Travel Images

If you are moving to Fortaleza or staying there for longer than a holiday, then you can find your way to a good quality of life starting from having long walks on the beach every morning and carrying on to discovering its local delicacies. One of the Fortaleza foods you can’t miss is the delicious …

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Moments of bliss in Beira Mar, my beach: a photo essay

23 beira mar - Travel Images

What can I do, Brazil is inspiring me the healthiest of the lifestyles. Ok, let’s spill it out, I’ve been becoming increasingly obsessed with a healthy lifestyle, from diet to alternative medicine to walks on the beach, which happen every day, first thing in the morning, at 6am. For some reason I still need to …

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Stronghold-church of Nossa Senhora da Assunção in Fortaleza, Brazil

nossa senhora assunçao - Travel Images

I’ve already mentioned that the history of Brazil has left indelible marks still visible today, signs that have reached to us through literary pieces, traditions and architectural work. During one of my frequent expeditions aimed at unearthing Fortaleza, I “stumbled” on the huge church of Nossa Senhora da Assunção. Obviously, since this is the church …

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