Visiting Naini Lake in Nainital, Uttarakhand

nainital boats6 - Travel Images

One of the prettiest cities I’ve visited in Uttarakhand and a great destination if you are traveling to India in December, Nainital, in the Kumaon region, is famous for its beautiful lakes and picturesque surroundings. Blessed by the presence of nine lakes that make for a truly breathtaking natural landscape, Nainital is one of the …

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Delicacies at Qingdao street food market, China | Photo Story

1seafood qingdao - Travel Images

East Asia is famous worldwide for its street food, and in China, I’ve been to many lovely markets. The best one was in Beijing, but also Qingdao street food market boasted so many delicacies I couldn’t restrain from shamelessly tucking into all of them. OK, maybe not all, but definitely most of them… Qingdao street food is …

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In India, country full of contrasts

taj mahal

A trip to India is a cluster of emotions. I’m not alone in saying this, you can ask anybody you know who has been to this colorful Southeastern Asian country, and the answers will all sound similar. I had heard so many times the sentence “When you come back from India, you will not be …

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In Uttarakhand, where God was born

bells tella manila21 - Travel Images

One of the most offbeat places to visit in Uttarakhand is Manila, unknown by most travellers and still off-topic on most travel guidebooks. Of great natural beauty and rich spirituality, here is where travellers can learn about age-old Hindu traditions and religion. A small village in Uttarakhand India is a very colourful country, and the definition …

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Taj Mahal, the ultimate monument to love

Image: Taj Mahal in Agra to visit in India in December

My first fleeting experience with the Taj Mahal in the city of Agra took place at the Red Fort when, visiting Summan Burj, my guide Danish explained to me that right there the king Shah Jahan spent his last years torturing himself with the sight of the awe-inspiring tomb he had built in loving memory …

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In Agra, ambling about the Fort

Jahangir Palace - Travel Images

The first day of my trip to India was spent in Agra, and the very first monument I’ve visited in the muslim-populated city was the huge Fort, the country’s most important fortress. Most Mughal kings have lived there, and from here they also used to rule the country. This fort was started during the era …

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A Day in Kandy, Sri Lanka, Love at First Sight

kandy2 - Travel Images

Either for its centrally convenient position or its historical and cultural riches, Kandy is one of the most popular and beautiful places to visit in Sri Lanka. Clean, green, and pleasant to walk around, the sacred city of Kandy was the last capital of the Sinhala rulers, thanks to whom the rich Dinahala culture flourished …

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What to See and Do in Two Days in Ho Chi Minh

What to do in Ho Chi Minh

Along with the capital, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, former Saigon, is one of Vietnam’s most amazing booming cities. If you are visiting Vietnam for the first time, you definitely need to dig into its old and modern history. Here are some useful tips on what to do in Ho Chi Minh in 2 days. Day …

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All-Round Display of Shanghai Communist Relics

Image: Site of the 1st National Congress of the CCP one of Shanghai communist relics

Just beside glitzy skyscrapers and the fast-paced modernity that is involving the whole China, Shanghai municipality didn’t neglect to celebrate their recent past, much more communist than their present. Among the most fascinating city highlights are definitely Shanghai Communist relics. A hard-to-define system halfway with Capitalism that still clings onto some socialist principles, you can …

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The Fascinating Process of Making Silk at Beijing’s Silk Factory

Stretching silk sheets - Travel Images

My stay in Beijing was an alternation between tourist attractions and factories, and as a main station of the legendary Silk Road starting right from China, I visited the government-run silk factory to see silk production process steps, alongside pearl and jade factories. While I absolutely adore pearls and jades, what impressed me the most …

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20 Awesome Things to Do in Hanoi, Vietnam

Image: Hanoi things to do

Vietnam’s traditional capital of Hanoi has a lot to offer for travellers who really want to get under the skin of this fascinating country. This city provides an excellent introduction to Vietnam, with something new to see around every corner. It’s impossible to be bored in Hanoi as there is so much history, culture and …

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2 Days In Singapore – An Easy + Great Itinerary

Image: Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most visited cities in Asia, receiving over 14 million of them each year. If you are one of those curious travellers planning a trip here, you will be in for a nice surprise as Singapore is not only a modern cosmopolitan, but also filled with traditional delights hidden in plain …

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Best places to visit in Indonesia for a perfect trip

Ubud in Bali is one of the best places to visit in Indonesia.

With an ancient history, a rich culture and a breathtaking nature, Indonesia is a never-ending source of things to see and do. From Lombok to Bali’s terraced fields to Borneo, here are some of the best places to visit in Indonesia to include in your itinerary for a perfect trip. Best places to visit in …

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How to plan a perfect trip to Hong Kong

How to plan a trip to Hong Kong, beautiful night view

A forest of high-rising skyscrapers, a vibrant life and society, the paradise for shopping lovers. You’ve been wanting to plan a trip to Hong Kong for a while but never took the final decision. If you are still unsure on where to start, you’ve landed in the right place. Book your ticket and enjoy one …

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How to plan a trip to Malaysia

How to plan a trip to Malaysia

A modern country in Southeast Asia, Malaysia has been for a long time a major tourist draw. If you are thinking about travelling there, here you will find some precious tips that will help you plan a trip to Malaysia, from how to get around to how to book your accommodation. How to plan a …

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How to plan a trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

How to plan a trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Travelling to Kuala Lumpur and now sure where to start? From booking your airport transfer to the best hotels in Kuala Lumpur with a view, find out here how to plan a trip to Kuala Lumpur and enjoy your stay in Malaysia‘s beautiful capital. How to plan a trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ** Guest …

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The city committed to rescuing the history of Afghanistan

History of Afghanistan, the tomb of Queen Goharshad Begum in Herat

“Our covered bazaars are even older than the ones in Europe!” swiftly let us know Jawid Zargham, Head of Culture and Art in Herat when he signed our authorization to access and photograph the city’s historical sites. “We are trying to buy the remaining covered bazaars and caravanserais from their private owners so we can …

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Top 10 reasons to visit Singapore

Top 10 reasons to visit Singapore

Beautiful, organized, multicultural and luxurious, this city-state is all this and more. Exploring colorful Chinatown, treating yourself with one of the luxurious restaurants, infinity pools and gardens, going on a shopping spree in the city’s many shopping malls and hopping off the nearby islands are only some of the reasons why you should visit Singapore. …

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Top 10 reasons to visit Vietnam now

Top reasons why you should visit Vietnam now

Hiking against a backdrop of breathtaking views, sampling delicious traditional food and immerse in the local culture are only some of the reasons that will make you want to visit Vietnam right now.  If you need more travel inspiration, read our post and book your trip! Vietnam is filled to the brim with exciting and …

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Top 10 reasons to visit Hong Kong

Top reasons why you should visit Hong Kong now

Although I might be biased, the variety of things that exists in Hong Kong has made it the most unique city in the world. Not only do you have endless skyscrapers and a world-famous skyline, unique mixture of modern and tradition along with the western and eastern world, but also a vast expanse of the …

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Ali’s tips for a great motorcycle trip around India

Ali's tips for a motorcycle trip around india

The popular destination for adventure travellers, a motorcycle trip around India is one of those adrenaline experiences many would love to have but don’t dare. It’s certainly an adventure, and if you feel overwhelmed by it, you are justified. This is why we interviewed Ali, an Indian motorbiker who just finished his journey across India. Top …

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How to photograph Afghanistan (and stay safe)

how to photograph afghanistan

If there is one fascinating destination to visit and capture with your camera, this is Afghanistan. We all know how picturesque this war-torn land is and it’s quite straightforward that its recent history made it like no other country. This is why there certainly is more than one consideration tourists need to keep in mind, not only security-wise, …

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What to do in Bangkok in a week

What to do in Bangkok

Chaotic, noisy and crowded, the Thai capital is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. While Thailand is often a beloved holiday haven for beach-goers, first-timers should devote from a couple of days to a week to its capital to get to know the national culture and civilisation. So if you are planning …

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Reasons why I would love to travel to Indonesia

travel to Indonesia

It might be because I just got married, but lately I’ve been increasingly thinking about taking a trip for the pure joy of relaxing and maybe also lingering in some romance instead of just working. As a big Asia lover, and having already visited many Asian countries, I would absolutely love to travel to Indonesia …

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Hijab in Islam, why we don’t understand it

hijab in islam

Something strange happens to the human mind when a person is exposed to a culture different from his/her own. A mix of skepticism, suspicion, and fear can prevail preventing us from welcoming the stranger. The controversial topic of hijab in Islam is one of those sensitive issues that I feel we are not grabbing in Europe …

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Dreaming of peace: Interview with Hamed from Afghanistan

hamed ctu1 min - Travel Images

I’ve been managing this travel blog for some four years and never had either a partner nor a contributor. Until now. I’m very excited, in fact, to be introducing Hamed, an Afghan young man working in the security industry and with the passion for travel as the new contributor to the blog who will share his precious …

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6 Things to do in Battambang, Cambodia

battambang Wat Ek Phnom3 min - Travel Images

I get it, Siem Reap is Cambodia‘s tourist draw, and for good reasons, first among all being the stunning Angkor Wat archaeological park nearby. However, the fascinating Southeast Asian country definitely has other cities that are interesting under different points of view, be it historical or to delve deeper into its traditions, such as Battambang, capital of its …

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The nature and sacred waters of Phnom Kulen National Park

9 phnom kulen - Travel Images

Located in Siem Reap province at less than 50 km away from the city, Phnom Kulen National Park lives up to the promise of a full immersion in nature. Waterfalls, creeks and related reflections, elephant-shaped rocks, the necessary temples and an expanse of underwater linga, thousands of phallic symbols carved on the riverbed, this park has everything you need …

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Spiritual Cambodia in Angkor Wat between modernity and tradition

9 ta prohm min - Travel Images

Whether it’s a historical or a living temple, in Cambodia, spirituality seems untethered to time. Probably like anyone traveling to Siem Reap, and most people traveling to Cambodia in general, my first experience has been a two-day all-temples-tour, a full immersion in the Angkor Wat archaeological park, with Angkor Wat itself left on the second …

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Two people, one village: the floating lives of inner Cambodia

cambodia floating villages6 - Travel Images

I’m just coming back from Cambodia, the country mainly known for its 3-year-8-month-20-day Khmer Rouge period, its always smiling population and for its poverty. In all honesty, when I booked my flight to ancient Kambuja I thought I knew what to expect, but as it turned out, my pre-trip research little did prepare me to the sights …

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Nuwara Eliya, a Sri Lankan treat of tea, lakes and high peaks

nuwara eliya1 - Travel Images

If thinking of Sri Lanka conjures up a natural paradise, green landscapes, tea estates, intoxicating food flavors, and beautiful wildlife in your mind, you are not too far from the truth. One of the best places to experience the country’s natural landscape, Nuwara Eliya is a must-see in Sri Lanka for every first-time traveler. After …

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Enjoying the culture, traditions and Ayurveda of Colombo, Sri Lanka

colombo2 - Travel Images

For as much as I enjoyed the Pettah district, there are many other places to visit in Colombo. One of the most important and culture-rich destinations in Sri Lanka, Colombo is a vibrant capital packed with landmarks to explore, great restaurants, luxury hotels, fantastic Ayurveda spas, and charming temples. I spent a few days in Colombo so …

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Pettah, enjoying the colorful side of Colombo, Sri Lanka


One of my favorite stops during my hectic two-week trip to Sri Lanka has been the colorful, extravagant, loud Pettah, possibly the district in Colombo that seems to be the most redolent of their colonial past than all of the others. In Sri Lanka, I met other friends and the occasion of our trip was the wedding of our …

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Doi Inthanon National Park, the day trip from Chiang Mai anyone would want to experience

1 wachiratharn falls - Travel Images

For my last day in Chiang Mai I booked myself for a day trip with a government-run agency, and for less than 40€ (50USD) I had hotel pick-up, A/C-equipped bus transport, insurance, tour guide, admission fee for Doi Inthanon National Park (200 Baht) and lunch included. Considered one of the main Chiang Mai attractions, Doi Inthanon …

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Sorry Phuket, I didn’t fall in love

4 phi phi - Travel Images

One of the things I liked less in Bangkok and Phuket was locals’ attitude of focusing everything around the tourism industry. Obviously Thailand devotes a lot of money, energies and resources in the tourism advertising, but often what they offer to foreigners is simply that, a tourist experience, rather than an authentic involvement with Thai …

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