Refeitório Orgânico, vegan restaurant in Rio de Janeiro

Brazil, and South America in general, is home to a huge meat-based culinary tradition, so finding strictly vegetarian or vegan restaurants is not an easy task. Bus since I don’t admit defeat easily, I found a delicious vegan restaurant in Rio de Janeiro.

Refeitório Orgânico, one of the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Rio de Janeiro

A sushi plate at Refeitório Orgânico, one of the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Rio de Janeiro

The great vegan restaurant I discovered in Rio de Janeiro is Refeitório Orgânico, in Rua Dezenove de Fevereiro, 120, Botafogo. Like the food, also drinks are strictly natural, so fresh fruit juices as you wish, heaven for me. Who’s confident in Portuguese can have a look at their website, where beside menu and contact, there is also a section with their philosophy.

Since my choice to go vegan, lately I’ve been thoroughly enjoying also vegan cuisine, where nothing from animal origin is used. Apart from being tasty, behind this food tradition there is a philosophy of healthy habits and an eco-sustainable lifestyle.


Refeitório Orgânico, vegan restaurant in Rio de Janeiro

Truth be said, in Brazil, although meat is omnipresent, there is such a wide choice of salads and veggies everywhere that I barely need to look for vegetarian restaurants. A very common eatery in Brazil is called comida a quilo, where you have a huge buffet and you can fill your plate with anything you like paying afterwards according to the weight of you what you took. Obviously, here it’s easy to stick to the vegetable-based dishes, which are always plentiful.

Here at Refeitório Orgânico there was a huge choice of both raw and cooked dishes, seitan was widely present, although this is not my favourite ingredient, they included tofu and all sort of soy-based products, cereals, fruits and veggies. Their buffet was colorful and diverse.

Refeitório Orgânico, vegan restaurant in Rio de Janeiro

Like I usually do on buffets I don’t know and that tickle my curiosity, I enjoyed tasting as much as I could.

Alongside salads and dips, they provide a good choice of revisited international dishes, so you will have vegan sushi, vegetarian Thai curries as well as Italian vegetarian pasta dishes. Delicious also their choice of roasted veggies.

As a drink, you can choose one of their freshly prepared fruit juices.

It was good to see that despite the meat-centric local gastronomy, the restaurant was crowded and the waiting queue kept increasing. Probably a sign that this type of vegetarian eateries are much needed in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil in general. Not only for tourists by also for local residents.

One of the favourite vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Rio de Janeiro, Refeitório Orgânico is a must for everyone who adopted a plant-based diet and is tired of rice and beans every day.

Only downside note, it’s open only for lunch and can get pretty packed, so try to go early for a more relaxed meal.

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  1. Looks extremely tasty (without even being veg-an/etarian)!!!

  2. Ooooh, we went there and had a great meal. Glad you enjoyed it too. We have lots of vegetarian tips on our website for Brazil/Argentina if you’re heading in that direction. Also, we’re soon launching a Vegetarian Travel Guide (, which will hopefully come in useful for you :)

  3. Reply
    Cole @ August 29, 2012 at 10:09 am

    All looks tasty. We haven’t gone vegetarian but have found ourselves eating a lot less meat over the last year. Prefer it all.

  4. Hearing about vegan food in Rio de Janeiro is an appreciated change from many of the steak-focused posts of Rio and Buenos Aires. Looks like a good place to lunch!

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