Rio de Janeiro’s vibrant and colorful Sunday market

When I booked my ticket to Rio de Janeiro, I had only one thing in mind (well, apart from the handsome surfers hanging around the beach): Ipanema’s Feira Hippie, the artisan market that every Sunday sets its stalls in Praça General Osorio, in the exclusive Ipanema district.

I’m a big fan of open markets, and Brazilian traditional handicraft really gets under my skin with its sensual mix of tribal, colorful and apparently casual style. Bags, clothes, bikinis, ethnic jewelry, precious stones, wooden and stone birds, Bahia-style dolls, leather wallets, suitcases, purses shoes and jackets, paintings, incense burners, totems and amulets, natural soaps, here you can find literally everything.

Whatever your interests and tastes are, if you ever plan a trip to Brazil and you decide to travel to Rio de Janeiro too, please, don’t miss this burst of colors and vitality, it would haunt you as the biggest regret of the tour.

Colorful ethnic jewelry hanging all around a stall
Wooden necklaces for a tribal look
Reproducing earth’s produce for home decoration
Flip flops anyone?
Pencils and bracelets in a burst of colors
Tribal necklaces from the origins
Colorful wallets and small cases
Keyrings could not miss
Typical local parrots carved out from local precious stones
Out of precious stones also colorful trees
Bahia-style dolls
Colorful parrots come in wood, too
Spheres of precious stones, I couldn’t resist from buying one reminding of the earth…
Colorful pencils for typical colorful drawings
More colorful stone parrots
Seriously, being Rio and the country of the samba, could we miss a fantastic performance by these young percussionists?
Artistic director and assistant
The full orchestra creating the tribal vibe and pleasing passers-by. I wish I had my videocamera with me!

  1. Amazing photos of the colorful treasures and activities at the market!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my Feira Hippie article, it really is an amazing stop for travelers to Rio.

  3. wow..beautiful photos!!I always though South America are very colorful and your photos capture the best of it!!! really wanna go there and SHOP!!!!:P…

    have a great weekend:)

  4. Color? Oh yeah, it’s there for sure. Vibrant? That’s putting it mildly. What a treat for the eyes. Thnx!

  5. Wonderful photos Angela !, but I get a feeling of the vibrancy and atmosphere from you photos.

  6. Lovely photos – thanks for sharing. Big fan of markets and all the colors :)

  7. Photos magnifiques, ça donne envie de plonger les mains dans chaque étalage!

  8. Complimenti, hai reso proprio l’idea del mercatino hippy, colori, movimento e ritmo brasileiro!

  9. Awesome colors and photos. A pity I missed it when I was in Rio.

  10. Love the colours. So Rio!

  11. Wow those photos just scram colour. Fantastic shots!

  12. So many colors!!! :)

  13. It is certainly very colourful! Great photos. There is always something interesting to see in markets.

  14. As you can imagine, I’ve seen many of these items at other markets in Brazil. I love these photos and how you captured so many details. I didn’t get to a market when I was in Rio…next time for sure!

  15. I love colorful and unique everything is. I could spend a while shopping and photographing here.

  16. I love all of those colors! I’ve only been to Rio once, but man I could use some of that relaxed and hippy-like vibe in my life!

  17. Great pics…definitely no shortage of colors!

  18. These are gorgeous shots! Everything is so vibrant :)

  19. I always remember Brazil to be a colorful country; in terms of its people and material things. Its part of its unique charm. And, I thoroughly miss it.

  20. Beautiful photos and so colorful. It reminds me of Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet. I love the handcraft:)

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