Sun-soaked, great food, long history and great culture. An explosive mix that makes Spain one of the most exciting and favourite travel destinations in Europe.

Some of the best places to visit in Spain are Barcelona to discover Gaudi’s genius and architecture, Valencia, the cities of Andalucia region like Seville, Cordoba, Granada, Cadiz and Malaga, and obviously the beautiful capital, Madrid.

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4 Amazing Alternatives to Spain’s Most Overcrowded Landmarks

All we heard last summer was about the side effects of mass tourism and overcrowded monuments. Countries and cities are ...
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Visiting the Museum of the Inquisition in Cordoba

When I made the unfortunate suggestion to visit the Museum of the Inquisition in Cordoba on the last morning of ...
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Top 10 reasons to visit Andalusia

A fascinating stormy past, cities blessed with sunny days all year round and great food are only some of the ...
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Getting lost in Granada’s Alhambra in pursuit of the Moorish connection

I’m always fascinated by history, society, and art, and when these appear as a combination of styles and civilizations, my passion ...
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Top 10 reasons to visit Granada, Spain

A fascinating and rich history, a stunning interplay of different architectural styles, beautiful natural landscape, and lovely weather are only ...
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The best things to do in Granada, Spain

A trip to Andalusia won’t be complete if you don’t devote enough time to the best things to do in ...
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La Judería, the Charming Muslim, Christian, Jewish Quarter in Cordoba

After Seville and Cadiz, the third stop of my trip to Andalucía was the beautiful Córdoba. My 3-day stay was ...
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15 Things to Do in Seville + Great Day Trips from This Beautiful Andalusian City

Pearl of the southern Spanish region of Andalusia, there are so many things to do in Seville and exciting activities ...
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20 things to do in Cadiz, Spain

One of the cities in Andalusia you are likely to enjoy the most, despite the unbearable heat if you travel in ...
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Exploring the fantastic Gaudi’s buildings in Barcelona

“Those who look for the laws of Nature as a support for their new works collaborate with the creator.” – ...
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2 Days In Barcelona – A Simple + Epic Itinerary

Are 2 days in Barcelona enough? Hardly. One of the most alluring metropolises in Europe, it’s a constantly developing city ...
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Where to stay in Seville and where to eat

When planning your trip to Andalusia, you need to carefully decide where to stay in Seville. After reviewing several Seville ...
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