Top 10 reasons to visit Andalusia

A fascinating stormy past, cities blessed with sunny days all year round and great food are only some of the reasons to travel to Andalusia, a wonderful region in southern Spain. If you are still planning your next vacation, read on and get inspired to visit Andalusia.

Image: Cadiz one of the reasons to visit Andalusia
City view of Cadiz. Photo courtesy of Silke Elzner

Andalusia is a place of wonder. Sunbaked and varied, with pockets of stunning beauty and surprising simplicity. While the countryside is stunning, it is the cities that we love most in this region. Steeped in history, they come in all shapes and sizes. Colorful and vibrant, just like the people of Andalusia themselves.

Here are 10 reasons why you should visit Andalusia

Food to die for

Andalusia has a rich history of food, using surprisingly simple and basic ingredients. Whether fresh fish and seafood find their way onto the plate within just a couple of hours or the rich and deeply satisfying dishes from the mountains, there is so much to explore.

Spanish meals can last for hours, preferably consumed in big groups together with friends and family. Try grilled sardines on a stick in Malaga, bacalao in Cadiz, spinach and chickpeas in Seville or berenjenas rellenas, a delicious traditional dish you will find in most Spanish cities.

Stunning historic sites

Andalusia’s cities have an amazing cultural heritage. No wonder, considering the Romans, Phoenicians, Visigoths, and Moors all passed through here at some stage in history. This becomes very obvious in the churches and old towns.

Several UNESCO heritage-listed sites are located in the region, but even if they are not widely recognized, there are still many sites you cannot help but fall in love with. For example, the Puente Nuevo in Ronda, the Alcazar in Sevilla, the Alhambra in Granada, or the Mezquita in Cordoba.

If you want to escape the crowds, check out these cool alternatives to Spain’s most popular landmarks.

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Image: Seville one of the places to visit in Andalusia
Real Alcazar in Seville. Photo courtesy of Silke Elzner

Vibrant nightlife

The Spanish love to spend time outdoors, and they do so preferably after sunset. Dinner is only served at around 10 pm, and before that, friends and family members will gather in bars and restaurants around the city center to share some tapas and have a glass of beer or wine. The traffic-free city centers of many historic cities in Andalusia are perfect for the mingling crowd. And in the friendly and cheerful atmosphere, even children are welcomed by all.

Amazing viewpoints

If you picture Andalusia as a dry and dull country then you are utterly mistaken. The south of Spain can be surprisingly lush and beautiful. Thanks to the many mountain ranges and hillsides, there are some amazing viewpoints that you can explore and enjoy, for example, the views of the Costa del Sol from Mijas Pueblo, the city views from the Gibralfaro in Malaga or the views all the way to Africa from the Mirador del Estrecho near Tarifa.

Visit Andalusia for a perfect Spanish holiday
Views to Africa from the Parque Natural del Estrecho. Photo courtesy of Silke Elzner

Stunning beaches

There are two types of travelers to Andalusia: those that only come to spend days on end on the beach in the popular tourist resorts, and those that prefer exploring the rich cultural heritage of the region further inland. However, there are also some stunning beaches in Andalusia that are not completely choked by mass tourism and that can easily compete with dream beaches all around the world. Take for example Playa Bolonia near Cadiz, Playa del Cañuelo near Nerva, or Playa de los Muertos near Almeria.

If you are in Andalusia during winter and feel like experiencing something completely different, you can head to Granada to enjoy a charming evening at the Arabian Baths.

Vibrant art scene

It’s a little-known fact that Malaga has a fantastic range of museums and art galleries. In fact, the city just recently started promoting itself as a go-to destination to see fantastic local and international artwork. No wonder, once you remember that Malaga was the birthplace of Pablo Picasso. To escape hot summer days, take a tour of some of Malaga’s stunning museums, such as the Pablo Picasso Museum, the Centre Pompidou or the Carmen Thyssen Museum.

Family-fun under the sun

For children, Andalusia is a wonderland full of exciting discoveries and adventures. The warm climate and generally dry days are perfect to visit one of the many water parks and theme parks. The climate is perfect for movie productions, and there are many Western cities to explore. We recommend Isla Magica in Sevilla, Aqualand in Torremolinos, and Fort Bravo Texas Hollywood.

Celebrating the Semana Santa

The Spanish Easter celebrations are so unique, you really have to see them with your own eyes. As in other parts of Spain as well, there are many processions and ceremonies in the lead-up to the Easter weekend. During the processions, members of the confraternities carry so-called tronos with statues of saints through the cities’ streets. Clad in peaked hoods they look like otherworldly and mysterious creatures.

Tour Andalusia to explore beautiful quaint villages
Pampaneira, a white village in the Alpujarras. Photo courtesy of Silke Elzner

Quaint old-towns

One reason why we love Andalusian cities so much is their quaint and mostly traffic-free old towns. Like a maze, with winding streets and tiny squares, they cover enormous parts of Spanish city centers, perfect for exploration by foot – even when you travel with small children. We adore the old town of Cadiz, but also the Albayzin in Granada is simply stunning. Visit during the height of summer and you will probably be the only one exploring the quiet laneways during the day.

Pretty villages

There are some absolutely amazing villages in Andalusia that you must include on your Andalusia road trip itinerary. Most of the “White Villages”, they come in a variety of settings. Visit the remote villages of the Alpujarras for scenic mountain views off the beaten path. Wander the streets of classic white villages like Frigiliana or Mijas Pueblo. Or fall in love with the cave village of Setenil de las Bodegas.
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