What is Thailand Famous for? 22 Facts about Thailand

If you’re wondering what is Thailand famous for, then you need this complete guide to all the Thailand culture and traditions. Any of the following might just tempt you to visit this incredibly colorful land – from the fabulous food or floating markets to terrific temples, a wide variety of wildlife, Thai massage and much more.

Whether you want to know what is Bangkok famous for, which Thailand tourist places are best for seeing ladyboys or what is Thailand known for in terms of festivals, sports, or parties, then read on to discover all the answers. From idyllic islands with soft sands and swaying palms to noisy tuk-tuk-choked roads, this is what the Southeast Asian nation of Thailand is all about.

If you’re pondering what makes Thailand and her warm, friendly people tick, here are just 22 of the things Thailand is famous for.

Image: Temples is what is Thailand is famous for.

What is Thailand famous for? Top 22 Thai facts to know

Thai food is world-famous

One of the answers to what is Thailand best known for is its culinary flair. From creamy, coconut-rich soups and curries to noodle dishes with a real kick, the food of Thailand really is something to write home about. Dishes you must try include stir-fried Pad Thai noodles with lime and peanuts, and red, green or yellow curries served with lots of fragrant jasmine rice.

Image: Food is one of the things Thailand is known for.

Thailand defines street food

It’s not only Thai cuisine, in general, that’s big on the global food map. The country also has one of the planet’s most diverse and exciting street food scenes. While you can get it all in Bangkok, regional specialties are also very much a thing. Head south for spice, north for curry or east for meat, for example.

Thailand is big on Buddhism

Thailand is one of the most devout Buddhist nations on earth. There are thus colorful temples and other structures dotted all over the land, and you’re also likely to see saffron-robed monks strolling the streets at some point. This peace-loving religion is one of the really good things about Thailand.

Image: Buddhism is what makes Thailand famous.

Thailand is packed with temples

Temples – or ‘wat’ as they’re locally known – have mushroomed up all over Thailand. If you want to visit, there’s no shortage of options, not least The Temple of the Emerald Buddha (or Wat Phra Kaew) in Bangkok. With more than 40,000 throughout the land, there’s literally a Thai temple on pretty much every street corner.

Image: Temples are what makes Thailand famous.

Thailand has over 1,400 islands

Featured on the silver screen and favored by sun-seeking tourists, the answer to why people visit Thailand is often the country’s collection of around 1,430 islands. Thailand as a tourist destination is largely due to the islands’ visitor numbers. ‘Koh’ or ‘Ko’ literally translates as ‘island’, so for example, Koh Samui is Samui Island.

Thailand has wonderful waterfalls

One of the highlights of visiting Thailand during the dry season is that you can reward a hot, sticky trek through the jungle with a cold shower. Underneath one of the country’s beautiful, natural waterfalls, no less.

Take a 30-minute trek to the tumbling, 70-meter Khun Korn Waterfall in Chiang Rai or in the Doi Inthanon National Park between April and October, for example, to experience one of the most amazing things in Thailand.

Image: Waterfalls and nature is one of the things Thailand is famous for.

Thailand is a shoestring travel destination

Though prices in Thailand may be steeper than they once were, one of the reasons to travel to Thailand is the low prices. In relative terms, Thailand can still offer incredible value for money if you stay away from the five-star resorts.

Food, accommodation, travel, entertainment and shopping can all be very cheap as compared to Western countries.

Thailand has a tourist infrastructure

One of the top reasons to visit Thailand is how well the country is set up for tourists. From shoestring travel in one of the original Southeast Asian destinations to five-star, spa resort luxury, there really is something for everyone in Thailand.

Particularly, perhaps, if you value beautiful beaches and vibrant, colorful cities, but you can still discover unspoiled rural areas here too.

Thailand is known for ladyboys

Ladyboy culture is a big part of life in Thailand. If you ask what is Pattaya famous for, for instance, then ladyboys might well be part of the answer.

Acting and dressing in a traditionally female way are particularly popular in larger places like Bangkok, Phuket, and Chiang Mai, where you can watch a ladyboy cabaret or visit a ladyboy-run bar.

Thailand has its own New Year

Songkran in Thailand may be lesser known than Chinese New Year, but it’s definitely a big deal. April 9th marks the date, but the associated public holidays go on for longer.

Believe it or not, water fights are a central part of the celebrations, which perfectly reflects the fun-loving Thai people! One of the more surprising Thailand’s culture and traditions, perhaps.

Image: Thailand is known for shopping.

Thailand is superb for shopping

Lots of Westerners love to come here to make the most of the shopping opportunities. For some, this is precisely why you should visit Thailand.

From day and night markets to glitzy shopping malls, everything from fake designer goods to fine silks and jewelry is waiting to be snapped up here.

Thailand’s rivers have floating markets

Where else on earth can you shop by boat? One of the most unique and best things about Thailand is the country’s floating markets, where goods are sold from boats.

Nowadays it’s true that they are often aimed at tourists, yet they are still worth seeing with your own eyes. With so many in and around the capital, they’re a popular answer to what Bangkok is famous for.

Image: Royal family is one of the things Thailand is famous for.

Thailand has a Royal family

Travel anywhere in Thailand and you’re likely to see pictures of the Royal family adorning the shelves and walls. In the main, the Thai people love their monarchy, and the current King is Maha Vajiralongkorn. His choice to reside in Germany for much of the time is a cause of controversy in his home country.

Thailand perfected Thai massage

One of the most famous massage techniques in the world is something Thailand is famous for. If you love to be pummeled or pampered, then the availability and affordability of traditional Thai massage could be precisely why to travel to Thailand.

Thailand is the birthplace of Muay Thai

Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is another of the country’s characteristic things. If you’re into sports, it can be one of the reasons to go to Thailand.

Anyone who wants to learn the craft will come here to study it, and there are big stadiums all over the land where both Thais and visitors can watch all the drama of this fighting sport unfold.

Thailand is home to many elephants

If you want to see elephants, then there are few nations on earth where you’re likely to see more of these enchanting creatures than in Thailand.

Elephants are one of the answers to what is Chiang Mai famous for, as many live in the north. Rather than riding one, you can visit a sanctuary to enjoy these lovely animals in a cruelty-free way.

Thailand invented elephant pants

It’s not only elephants themselves that Thailand is famous for. While it might not quite be what attracts tourists to Thailand, elephant pants are very much a thing over here. Especially among the young backpacking community.

Pick up a pair for just a few dollars at their spiritual home, the Khao San Road in Bangkok. Then you can decide for yourself whether or not they really do make cool, comfortable leisure wear.

Thai traffic is very chaotic

Crazy and chaotic are just two of the words you could use to describe the state of traffic in Thailand. Like other Asian nations, you can expect loudly honking horns, a complete lack of lane boundaries and scooters and tuk-tuks everywhere. Disorganized chaos doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Thailand is rich in wildlife

One answer to what’s in Thailand is lots of native wildlife. Not least due to the high proportion of forest covering the land – plus the fact that there are around 150 national parks.

Species you could see include tropical birds, plus animals such as gibbons, tigers, deer, macaques, leopards, porcupines, wild boars, Malaysian sun bears and white-handed gibbons.

Thai people love dancing and puppetry

Thais love to put on a show, and many tourists who visit will want to witness one of these colorful spectacles. Traditional Thai dancing and puppetry are the most popular performances. These are both an art form and a key part of Thai culture.

The Thai smile offers a warm welcome

Thai hospitality doesn’t begin and end with colorful shows and is definitely a big aspect if you are wondering what is Thailand famous for. The Thai Smile is an integral part of Thai culture and is often accompanied by the wai – a slight bow and joining together of the hands. It seems to be one of the reasons why the Thais are unfailingly calm, polite and obliging.

Thailand is party central

What is Thailand best known for when it comes to younger people? Partying is at least part of the answer: late-night bars and clubs can be found all over the land.

The famous, all-night Full Moon Party on the island of Koh Phangan has been running here since the mid-1980s.

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