Grab a 9-day Iran tour for just 369€ including hotels

Home to one of the world’s oldest civilisations and masterpieces such as Isfahan’s Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque and Ali Qapu Palace, and important archaeological sites like Persepolis and Pasargadae, this Iran tour is the perfect deal for art and history lovers.

If you are looking for affordable holidays in Iran, we found the perfect deal for you.

The perfect 9-day trip to Iran for the independent traveller is only 369 euro, including public transport and accommodation in 2*, 3* and 4* hotels.

Isfahan Grand Mosque
Grand Mosque in Isfahan, one of the places you can’t miss in your Iran sightseeing tours

Why visit Iran?

The Land of Arians, the Greater Persia. Known with many monikers, Iran is one of those countries that has been luring in travellers, academics, poets and artists for centuries.

Marco Polo has written about his Persia travel, the Roman Pietro Della Valle explored Iranian culture and described Persepolis, Isfahan and Persian customs to the Western world. Moroccan traveller Ibn Battuta journeyed through the Zagros mountains and visited Isfahan, Shiraz and Tabriz.

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What’s included in this Iran holiday package?

Iran now is one of the cheapest travel destinations, especially after the big drop of its currency, the Rial. This is why this Iran cultural tour for the independent traveller is a deal you can’t miss.

Iran travel agency 1stQuest is running this great offer for just 369 euro with a suggested itinerary. If you want to change itinerary, add cities and extend your trip, you can do so online and you will automatically see the change in price.
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Here is what’s included in the original Iran package:

  • Accommodation for 8 nights in private rooms in 2-star, 3-star or 4-star hotels.
  • 4 VIP bus tickets connecting the cities of Tehran, Isfahan, Kashan, Shiraz, Yazd. You pick date and time according to your needs and preferences.
  • Breakfast every morning at your hotel.
  • Authorisation letter for your Iran visa.
  • 30-day travel insurance, necessary in order to get a visa.

Tailor your own Iran adventure tour

Persepolis, Iran
Persepolis, one of the most iconic Iran tourist places

This pre-made Iran vacation by 1stQuest includes the cities of a classic tour, so Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd and Kashan.

In Tehran, the capital, they suggest two nights so that you have enough time to visit iconic landmarks such as the Golestan Palace, the National Museum, Sa’ad Abad royal residence, the Azadi Tower and the Grand Bazaar.

In Isfahan too you have two nights. Perfect time to visit some of the most important attractions such as the stunning Naqsh-e Jahan Square with its Grand Mosque and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Ali Qapu Palace, Hasht Behesht Palace, and the Armenian quarter of New Jolfa.

Two nights suggested also for the romantic Shiraz. It couldn’t be less than that since apart from Shiraz landmarks such as the tombs of Hafez and Saadi, Vakil Bazaar, and Eram and Narenjestan Gardens, it’s from here that you visit Pasargadae, Persepolis and Naqsh-e Rostam.

For Kashan and Yazd, the original itinerary of this tour in Iran proposes one night. While they can be enough to visit the very main attractions, if you want to delve deeper in the city, especially the Zoroastrian Yazd, you might need at least two nights. In Yazd, make sure you don’t miss its Fire Temple, Towers of Silence, Grand Mosque, the main bazaar, Dolat Abad Garden for Iran’s tallest wind catcher, and wandering around the old town.

In Kashan don’t miss the Grand Bazaar, Fin Royal Garden and historical residences like Tabatabaei and Abbasian traditional houses.

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Benefits of this Iran tour

One of the most flexible and affordable Iran travel packages out there, there are many reasons to consider Discover Iran On A Budget by 1stQuest.

  • It’s almost entirely customisable. You can make changes to almost anything in this Iran vacation package.
  • It’s a great Iran trip deal. It’s basic and Iran tour guides are not included, but for 8 nights accommodation, domestic public transport, visa and insurance 369 euro is a pretty affordable Iran tour price.
  • Free cancellation policy. You can cancel the trip up to two weeks before departure without being charged any fee.

Find more Iran tour packages

If you prefer to travel completely hassle-free, you can delegate the organisation of your Iran private tour to a professional Iran travel agency or also a foreign one.

There are many companies that organise excellent guided tours of Iran. Alongside Iran tour operators like 1stQuest, some of the best companies to rely on are G Adventures and Intrepid Travel.

One of the popular tours of Iran by G Adventures is the 14-day Discover Persia starting and ending in Tehran. You will explore the history and culture of Greater Persia through its palaces, stunning mosques, busy bazaars and beautiful gardens. Some of the cities included in this Persia tour are Tehran, Yazd, Kerman, Shiraz and Isfahan.

This Iran tour is often on sale so check it out not to miss the promotion.
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If you feel more adventurous, have a look at the escorted tours of Iran by Intrepid Travel. Their 16-day Cycle Iran tour will take you to explore the most iconic landmarks including Persepolis and the cities of Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan and Yazd by bike. Iran is a big country, so expect long bike and car rides. Obviously, for this tour, you need to be very confident riding a bike.
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One of the things Iran is famous for is Persian cuisine. Intrepid Travel organise a great Iran itinerary for foodies, Iran Real Food Adventure. You will explore different cities and tuck into the country’s most famous dishes, its many herb-rich stews, saffron rice, kebabs and spices.
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Cheaper Iran tour packages

1stQuest, too, organise guided Iran group tours. Their Iran Older Than History is a cheaper Iran luxury vacation package with 3-star, 4-star and 5-star accommodation included. If you are travelling alone this Iran tour price is 1895 euro, while if you are in a group, each person pays 1650 euro.

Included in the package is also all domestic transport such as internal flights, private vehicle, airport transfers, an English-speaking tour guide, all breakfasts and 5 dinners, and the visa authorisation letter.
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With 1stQuest you also have the possibility to tailor your own Iran travel itinerary. You can choose the accommodation you prefer with plenty of options of luxury and budget Iran hotels, the domestic transportation and decide whether you want a guide with you or not. Check out our detailed guide for more inspiration on what to see in Iran and what to include in your itinerary.


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