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Slightly different, slightly more adventurous and slightly less-known roads is how these eastern Europe holiday packages could be described. Although “slightly” is a relatively mild expression of what awaits you if you decide to book one of these tours. These packages offer cycling adventures, as well as walking and sailing tours. When deciding whether to book a tour to eastern Europe or freely explore these unknown cultures, we would wholeheartedly advise you to opt for the first option for several reasons.

When booking a tour with an agency, you can always ask the experienced “CEO” anything you might be interested in regarding the sites and their history, making the whole tour that much more educational. What is more, you don’t have to bother with transportation to get from one point to another. Instead, simply relax and follow the given timeframe within the itinerary. Finally, the guides most probably already know the culture’s mentality and some of the heartwarming local people who can welcome you in their homes and feed you with mouth-watering traditional meals. Now, if you are still indecisive, let us take you through this “best eastern European tours” list, hoping you will find exactly what you are searching for.

Best Eastern Europe Holiday Packages

Eastern Europe In Depth By Intrepid Travel

Starting in the majestic Hungarian capital that underwent a profound transformation since the Communist days, this original Eastern European tour will satisfy even the most adventurous traveler. This trip will shed some light on the less-known parts of Europe, showing you the unpredictable and almost forgotten Transnistria, the shocking reality of Chernobyl, and the abandoned town of Pripyat.

From the traditional villages of Maramures, a long 9-hour ride will bring you to the heart of the haunted castles and churches, where you can get to know where the notorious Vlad Dracul III came from. You will also visit the metropolitan Bucharest and UNESCO’s protected Danube Delta showing her way to the Black Sea. Wine tasting awaits in Moldova, the home of 200km of underground cellar tunnels.

You get 20 breakfasts, 4 lunches, and 3 dinners for the tour price, including accommodation and public and private transportation. What is more, almost 20 activities planned for this Eastern Europe holiday package are already in the price.

Image: Bucharest, Romania, to visit in the best eastern European tours

Balkan Adventure By Intrepid Travel

The blend of seemingly opposite western and eastern Europe come together in the vibrant Balkan region that you can explore in one of the top European guided tours. With the Chain Bridge in Budapest, outstanding sweet wine Traminac in the east of Croatia, and the awe-inspiring nature of the Durmitor National park in Montenegro, this tour indeed shows the real Balkan jewels.

After Hungary, prepare yourself for a warm welcome from the simple but generous eastern Croatian region, after which you will continue to see a lively nightlife scene in Beograd. Later on, you will arrive in Sarajevo and Mostar’s well-known Stari Most Bridge. Montenegro will astonish you with its nature and the beautiful coastal town of Kotor. The tour finishes in Dubrovnik, also called the pearl of the Adriatic.

The tour includes 14 breakfasts and 1 dinner, as well as the transportation and accommodation throughout the tour. Multiple activities such as the winery visit, Durmitor National park and the day tours are also part of the tour’s rate.

Montenegro & Croatia Sailing By G Adventures

Meet the Dalmatian coast of the Mediterranean with one of the best tours of eastern Europe, offering magnificent landscapes from the yacht deck. Combine the laid-back days with plenty of sunbathing and the historical areas of the fascinating towns surrounding the Adriatic sea.

The sailing tour starts in Dubrovnik, where you get to swim in the crystal clear Croatian sea. Afterward, Herceg Novi will reveal its secluded beaches that are accessible only by boat. Snorkeling and swimming get even better around the fishing village Budva and the historical port town of Kotor. After the botanical gardens in Tivat, you are coming back to the area around Dubrovnik with its breathtaking islands. The tour finishes with dinner in the stunning Split.

This unique eastern Europe package includes sailing the Dalmatian coast with a fully licensed skipper. You get snorkeling equipment and accommodation on the 15m (52 ft) sailing yacht.

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Image: Kotor in Montenegro, Eastern Europe

Moldova, Ukraine & Romania Explorer By Intrepid Travel

If you decide to join this one-of-a-kind eastern Europe escorted tour, you will truly experience what walking “the road less traveled” actually means. A lot of people haven’t even heard of Moldova, let alone its town of Gagauzia. The wine collection in Moldova, the breakaway country of Transnistria and well known Chernobyl are all part of this eastern Europe package.

The tour starts with the Romanian capital and its Belle Epoch architecture and continues to the provincial city of Tulcea. Enjoy Moldova by tasting its wine from the world’s most extensive quality wine collection. Feel what Soviet values seem like in these modern ages in Transnistria. The charming city of Odessa will show you its labyrinthine catacombs running beneath. Finish the tour with the dynamic Kiev and the atmospheric abandoned Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

In this tour, breakfasts and one lunch, transportation and accommodation are included, along with many walking tours, wine tasting and a local lunch at a family house in Orhei.

Budapest To Sofia Adventure By G Adventures

This eastern European tour deserved its place on our “Best eastern European tours” list for a reason. The abundance of history, culture and architecture radiating through this part of Europe earns every traveler’s attention. Soak in the Budapest thermal spa, visit the captivating Sighișoara and try the delicious Bulgarian cuisine.

During this 10-day eastern European holiday package, you have the chance to get to know the medieval architecture of Sighișoara and the less-visited Romanian countryside. From the scenic Bran Castle, the journey continues to Bucharest, where you can have an orientation walk. After one of the world’s oldest cities, Veliko Tarnovo, the tour finishes in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia.

With this tour, you have the full transportation included, together with eight nights in a hotel or pension and an overnight train. You get eight breakfasts and an experienced guide throughout the tour. Dracula’s Castle, orientation tours and a visit to Arbanasi village are part of the price as well.

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Image: Bran Castle in Romania
Bran Castle as seen from Bran town just outside the gardens

Best Of Georgia & Armenia By G Adventures

Although not yet in the mainstream travel guides, Georgia and Armenia surely grow in popularity, attracting more and more visitors each year. Settled between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, the Caucasus Region protects these two countries well-worth of visit. Feel the vibe of ancient monasteries, fall in love with Tbilisi’s charming streets and take a photo of the striking mountain scenes.

The moment you arrive in Yerevan in Armenia, you will instantly be glad you took this tour as the people’s hospitality, the cuisine and the developing city center will make you feel at home. Take a moment to enjoy the view of Mt. Ararat and the Lake Sevan. With the spectacular views of the Kizikhi area and Sighnaghi, arrive at a local village house for a home-cooked meal. The last stop is Tbilisi, where you get a guided city tour.

Accommodation, transportation and meals of seven breakfasts and three lunches are included in this tour. You also get many activities, some of them being Sanahin Monastery Complex visit, Georgian wine tasting in Telavi and hike to Uplistsikhe cave.

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Discover The Balkans By G Adventures

Meet the Balkans – the magical fusion of western and traditional eastern European lifestyle. Soak in the beauty of the Plitvice Lakes, visit the Old Bridge in Mostar or hike up the medieval steps of the fortress surrounding Kotor. There is so much to see and explore on this fantastic tour of eastern Europe.

You will head to the Plitvice National Park from Zagreb, where you will enjoy the traditional peka dinner while overlooking the magnificent natural pools and cascading waterfalls. Arrive in the coastal Split and walk around the Diocletian’s palace or hike up to the Marijan hill to catch the city’s panoramic view. In Sarajevo, you will learn about the Tunnel of Hope and War Tunnel Museum. The tour ends with enjoying the Dalmatian specialties after the stroll in the Old Town of Dubrovnik.

Traditional peka and Plitvice Lakes National Park walk, together with the orientation walks in Split, Dubrovnik and Kotor, are all included in the tour price. Sleeping in hotels, transportation and 15 meals come with the tour as well.

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Image: View of Dubrovnik in Croatia
Dubrovnik in Croatia

Baltic Adventure By G Adventures

If you want to travel to places that still remain somewhat hidden and are slightly bypassed by the large touristic crowds, this might be the tour you are looking for. This eastern Europe holiday package includes the lovely Vilnius in Lithuania, the city of Riga in Latvia and Tallin in Estonia.

Visit the breakaway Republic of Uzupis while staying in Vilnius and enjoy the bicycle ride around the Hill of Witches in Nida. In Riga, go to the Occupation Museum and the Riga Art Nouveau Centre dedicated to Art Nouveau heritage. Kuressaare will surprise you with the Kaali meteorite lake, bakeries, and breweries. The last stop before Helsinki is charming Tallin with its Kadriorg Palace, the Museum of the Occupation and the Dome Church.

Breakfast, one lunch and three dinners are part of the price. You also have the transportation for included activities such as Trakai Castle visit, Curonian Spit visit, Riga city tour, and dinners prepared by a local family.

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Eastern Europe, Croatia & The Balkans By G Adventures

This 28-day trip around eastern Europe offers a truly remarkable journey that you won’t forget so easily. Berlin will be your initial city, from which you go to Auschwitz in Poland, the legendary Charles Bridge in Prague and the Buda Castle in the Hungarian capital. The Balkans and Croatia will astonish you with their luscious cuisine and intense history.

The tour goes in-depth into the cultural and traditional aspects of Eastern Europe, providing you with valuable information on the history of Kraków, Prague, Vienna and Budapest. When arriving in Serbia, you will see the difference in mentality and understand the Balkan way of living. Sarajevo and Mostar will show you traces of the hard times these people had not so long ago.

After enjoying stunning Montenegro, you will recognize the Old Town Walls of Dubrovnik. The island Hvar, settled between Dubrovnik and Split, will make you move there permanently. The tour includes 27 breakfasts, accommodation for 27 nights, transportation and many activities.

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Kosovo, Albania & Macedonia Explorer By Intrepid Travel

This eastern European tour takes you on a journey through Kosovo, Albania and North Macedonia, where you will see Europe from a different angle. Sail accross the Lakes Koman and Ohrid, learn about the Battle of Kosovo and get to know the lively Albanian capital Tirana.

After meeting your group and CEO, you will get to know Tirana and its Et’hem Bey Mosque, located on the main square. Lake Koman and Valbona Valley await for you to surrender to its untouched beauty and landscapes. Arrive in Prizren, Kosovo’s gorgeous city, after which you will see Skopje and its Holocaust Memorial Centre. You will be astounded by the Lake Ohrid’s beauty and its remarkable historic places and sacred buildings. The tour closes the circle again in Tirana.

Meals, public and private transport and accommodation for 14 nights and many activities are part of the price.

Cycle Croatia By Intrepid Travel

Is there a better way to fully experience Croatia than cycling along the Dalmatian coast and immersing yourself in its small stone alleys, its sea air that fills your lungs and the crystal clear Adriatic sea? Not that we could think of. The island of Brac, Hvar and Korcula will enchant you with the old stone houses and heartwarming locals.

After taking the ferry from Split to Brac, you will enjoy Brac’s famous Golden Cape beach. On Hvar, you can wander through the streets freely as they are a traffic-free zone. The island of Korcula, known as Marco Polo’s birthplace, will bring you to the port town of Vela Luka. Passing through Orebic on the Peljesac Peninsula, you will finally arrive in stunning Dubrovnik.

The accommodation, a bicycle, support vehicle and ferry rides come with this tour. You will enjoy breakfasts, a dinner, as well as wine tasting and dinner in Pupnat, Ston Salt Pans and Dubrovnik City walls.

Imperial Cities of Europe By Serbia Tour Operator DMC

Image: Lake Bled in Slovenia

This well-rounded eastern Europe holiday package gives you a one-of-a-lifetime experience of Europe. Enjoy the excellent combination between active days full of learning and leisure time to do whatever feels right. You will see the renowned Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Mozart’s birthplace in Salzburg, the astonishing Slovenian Lake Bled and the beautiful Ljubljana city.

After arriving in Belgrade, your adventure to 15 eastern European cities begins. On the banks of the Danube river, you will see Budapest and explore its fascinating architecture. The city of Prague will show you its largest ancient castle in the world, and the baroque Salzburg will be an uplifting cultural spree. After Slovenia, get ready for Zagreb’s charm radiating in and around the city center.

As one of the best eastern European tours, this tour includes accommodation, transportation and delicious meals.

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