Best Hotels In Jaisalmer From Luxury Resorts To Cozy Inns!

Enter a whole new world rich with ancient Indian culture and architecture when you visit the desert city of Jaisalmer. This “Golden City” is located in the state of Rajasthan in India. It is built on top of yellow sandstone, and the buildings, palaces, and temples in the old Fort that overlooks the city are also made of this natural desert stone. If you vacation in Jaisalmer, you can tour the Fort and experience the lifestyle, history, and cuisine of Rajasthan. You can also enjoy the spectacular views of the sky and the surrounding Thar Desert.

Staying in gorgeous but hot Jaisalmer, you need to book a hotel that meets all your needs while also giving you an opportunity to relax. As a tourist, you’ll also want accommodations that are close to some of the best tourist spots in the city, especially Jaisalmer Fort. But if you’re someone who isn’t used to the hot climate of the Thar Desert, you’ll also need a place to stay that prioritizes modern conveniences, cool interiors, and high-quality meals.

We want to help you plan a unique, unforgettable vacation in one of the most beautiful, historically rich cities in the world. In this article, we made a list of the best hotels in Jaisalmer based on their location, amenities, decor, and meal options. Let it be your guide to a wonderful stay in this wonderful city.

Image: Jaisalmer Fort in Rajasthan, India

Top Accommodation in Jaisalmer For Every Traveler and Preference!

Suryagarh Jaisalmer Luxury Resort

This 5-star luxury hotel in Jaisalmer is a short drive from Jaisalmer Fort. Built in the same old architectural style as the rest of the city, Suryagarh Jaisalmer is an oasis in the desert. The interior is sumptuous, with sandstone-colored walls, shiny tile flooring, and antique-style wood furniture. Its services include a spa, a gym, a pool, lovely gardens, and a place to do yoga. There is also a courtyard where you can dine and socialize with the peacocks that like to strut about outside. Each room comes with its own private bathroom, a flat-screen tv, and WiFI access so you can unwind after a long day of touring the city.

In the morning, you’ll enjoy a breakfast buffet. You can also visit the two onsite restaurants for Indian cuisine as well as entertaining songs and dances. The hotel bar, meanwhile, is a great place to go to socialize and have a nip.

For a luxurious hotel stay that makes you feel like royalty, Suryagarh Jaisalmer is the perfect choice.

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WelcomHeritage Mohangarh Fort 5-Star Hotel

WelcomHeritage Mohangarh Fort is a 5-star hotel located near Jaisalmer. It’s a lovely retreat, constructed in the Golden City’s signature style with yellow sandstone, strong, square walls, and intricate archways. Some of this hotel’s best amenities include the cool, sparkling pool, spa facilities where you can unwind after a long day, an indoor as well as outdoor restaurant that serve authentic royal Jaisalmer cuisine, a luscious garden for enjoying nature and some quiet time, and a game room so you’re never bored. You can also enjoy traditional Rajasthani folk dances and songs, and a puppet show for evening entertainment. .

The rooms are beautifully designed with marble floorings and wood furniture. In your suite, you’ll find a private bathroom, satellite tv, an electric kettle, mini fridge, tea/coffee maker, and WiFi access: everything you need to be comfortable.

A continental breakfast buffet is served every morning to bolster you up for whatever activities you plan to embark on that day, whether it’s relaxing at the hotel or touring the city.

WelcomHeritage Mohangarh Fort will truly make you feel welcome in Jaisalmer.

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Jaisalmer Marriott Resort & Spa

The gorgeous Jaisalmer Marriott Resort and Spa is one of the best hotels to stay at in Jaisalmer. Built out of sandstone just a little over a kilometer away from Jaisalmer Fort, it is nonetheless decorated like a modern resort and comes with all the same conveniences. At the onsite spa, you’ll have access to saunas, steam baths, massages, facials, and more. After a hot day of touring the city, you can cool off in the pool or retire to your room where you’ll experience a full range of conveniences to help you unwind, including a private bathroom, satellite tv, and WiFi access.

In the morning, a continental buffet breakfast will await you in the Jaisalmer Kitchen. You can purchase your other meals as well as nighttime drinks from two separate onsite restaurants, the hotel bar, and an on-the-go food and drink counter.

Jaisalmer Marriott Resort & Spa is worth every one of its five stars due to its conveniences and quality attention to guests. You’ll love booking your stay in the Golden City here.

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Gaji Hotel Jaisalmer

The Gaji Hotel in Jaisalmer is just a short walking distance away from the Fort and 400 meters from Patwon Ki Haveli. With green lawns and a sun terrace, this hotel is a lovely place from which to view and have easy access to the rest of the Golden City. In your contemporary-designed room, you’ll find a bathroom, WiFi access, and a tv. Some suites come with a terrace or balcony so you can take in the beauty of the city in the privacy of your own thoughts.

In the Gaji Hotel restaurant, which provides a continental breakfast every morning, you’ll sample cuisine from all over the world. Other services that the hotel offers include the opportunity to stay in a traditional-style tent in their Desert Camp (with the option to go on a camel safari to view the lovely sunset in the Thar Desert where it was meant to be seen, away from the city), and a bicycle rental so you can get the city quickly and nimbly.

If you’re looking for a small place in Jaisalmer to lay your head that meets all your needs, and then some, the Gaji Hotel is an excellent choice.

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The Gulaal Boutique Hotel in Jaisalmer

The Gulaal is a luxury boutique hotel located just 1 km from popular sites in the Golden City, including the Jaisalmer Fort and the Jaisalmer Folklore Museum. According to their website, The Gulaal cultivates a purposefully peaceful atmosphere, which you’ll experience in their open air courtyard lounge, swimming pool, and spa. Their decor is reminiscent of old Rajasthani style, with carved wood furniture, shiny tile, and intricate rugs. In your room, you’ll find a private bathroom and a balcony, along with modern amenities such as a flat screen tv, WiFi access, and a minibar.

Breakfast is served by the hotel every morning, and you can even have it brought up to your room if you don’t feel like getting out early. But don’t skip out of the rooftop restaurant, which takes you above the hustle and bustle of Jaisalmer for a menu full of international food options.

Book The Gulaal for your vacation so you can experience traditional Jaisalmer luxury and hospitality in all its glory.

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Garh Meera Boutique Hotel in Jaisalmer

Just a short walk away from Patwon Ki Haveli and over one kilometer from the Jaisalmer Fort, Garh Meera is an ideal place to make your stay in the Golden City. This boutique hotel is built out of sandstone that is such a landmark feature of Jaisalmer. The decor and furnishings are an eclectic mix of antique and modern, with stunning tile ceilings and intricately carved sandstone arches. Each room is air-conditioned and comes with a private bathroom, a kitchen with a fridge, WiFi, and a seating area.

The hotel will take care of your breakfast with Asian and vegetarian options. For the rest of your meals, you can step out into the city or buy your own ingredients and do a little cooking in your suite (an excellent option for people with food allergies or intolerances). Meanwhile, the authentic Rajasthani-style Garh Meera is waiting for you at the end of your long, fulfilling day exploring Jaisalmer.

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Jaisalmer’s Hotel Heritage House

Hotel Heritage House is located between 1 and 2 kilometers from Jaisalmer Fort and Patwon Ki Haveli. Its lovely sandstone exterior is matched by the large, airy rooms painted with bright colors inside. Each room comes with a private bathroom with a bidet, a satellite tv, DVD player, an electric kettle, and WiFi access. It’s the perfect place to come “home” to after a day in the sun and sand of the Golden City.

Every morning, you’ll enjoy a continental breakfast served by the hotel. You can also purchase meals throughout the rest of the day from the onsite restaurant, or take advantage of Hotel Heritage House’s excellent room service. Additional services available onsite include bicycle rentals so you can explore the city on your own, and a 24-hour front desk where you can get advice and recommendations for dining and touring from the friendly staff.

With its beautiful Rajasthani architecture and hospitality, Hotel Heritage House is easily one of the best hotels to book your stay at in Jaisalmer.

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Hotel Swan Haveli Jaisalmer

Take in the sights and sounds of the Golden City in comfort when you stay at the Hotel Swan Haveli Jaisalmer. The rooftop terrace of this hotel overlooks the Fort and commands an otherwise impressive view of the city and the glittering Thar Desert sky. Take part in yoga sessions, socialize, and take your meals on the roof, then relax in your room with amenities like a private bathroom and a tea/coffee maker. Some rooms come with a tv, but you probably won’t want to use it to escape the dreamlike reality of Jaisalmer anyway.

In fact, the hotel encourages you to embrace the Thar Desert life even more by offering camel safaris and desert meditation trips. With access to these unique offerings, it’s easy to find your zen during your stay at the Hotel Swan Haveli Jaisalmer.

The hotel embraces Rajasthani culture with antique furniture, carved wood features, and arches. It’s reflective of its close proximity to popular tourist sites with a long history in the Golden City, such as the sandstone Fort and the local market. You’ll have no trouble walking or driving to these and other famous spots (such as Gadisar Lake) in the city from the lovely Hotel Swan Haveli Jaisalmer.

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