Looking for Afghan jewellery in Chicken street Kabul and Istanbul, Turkey

Afghan jewelry

Afghan jewelry and stones are very famous around the world, stones such as stunning blue lapis lazuli with golden dots and precious emerald of Afghanistan that come from Panjshir and Badakhshan Provinces. Afghan Lapis Lazuli has been very famous among the Royal families around the world, for instance the lapiz Lazuli stone worked on one of the crowns of queen of England or the lapis lazuli used on Amu Temple in Egypt.
In the last few years designers around the world have used the Afghan dress and Afghan Jewelries in their fashion shows. Last year when we were coming back from Afghanistan, a western mineralogist in plane with us said mountains of Afghanistan are full of some of the most precious gems of the world.
The quality and fair price of the Afghan precious stones attracted many merchants to go to Afghanistan and start doing business with Afghan counter parts.

Afghan Jewelry

Afghan Jewelry and stone shop in Kabul, Badakhshan Lapis Lazuli and Helmand pink stone that change color during the day based on temperature.

One of the places we visited in Kabul was Chicken Road in the center of Kabul city “Shar e Now” located in a pretty safe area. On both sides of the Chicken Road there are tens of antique and Afghan jewelry shops selling good quality stones and tribal silver jewelry with good prices. By all means use your bargaining skill as there is no fix price nor when buying something neither when renting a taxi. You can as well buy yourself a big uncut dark blue piece of Lapi Lazuli with as little as 100 US $. Although, we weren’t sure they let us in the airport so we bought only one full set of Lapiz Lazuli already cut. In Italy I showed the set of lapis stones to the expert, she said it is the best quality Lapis Lazuli stone she has ever seen. As a matter of fact first she thought it’s fake so she double checked it and she was super impressed. When I asked her how much it worth, she said they don’t have lapis lazuli stone with that quality but if they did, it would be around 1500 Euros while i paid only 150$ for it in Kabul.

Afghan jewelry

Few years ago I met this boy at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul selling Afghan jewelry, he was from Afghanistan and told me he had left his country due to the war and the resulting unstable situation. I loved his genuine way of talking about himself and yes, he managed to sell quite a few things between me and my friends.


  1. Molto interessante!

  2. Quelle foto sympa, et quel gentil commentaire!

  3. Great photo, you can see how genuine he is just in his eyes.

    • True, it was really nice talking to him, probably the first time I had met someone from Afghanistan.

  4. What a nice smile he has. I’m sure I would have bought his jewelry, too. Very nice capture, Angela.

  5. He looks very sincere! :)

  6. Beautiful photo and lovely story. I’m sure that there are hundreds of similar looking stall in the Grand Bazaar, but I swear that I saw one that looked exactly like this! Perhaps the same :]

    • Likely! He was the only one from Afghanistan I met there, of course I didn’t investigate the life of each of the shop keepers, but the other ones look pretty Turkish :P

  7. great shot!captured his expression well!Love all the photos that you posted in your blog. They are amazing!

  8. Thanks a lot, glad you like the photos :)

  9. Nice jewellery collection…

  10. Love the photo! I think I may have developed a thing for Afghan men now. Time to get my ears pierced…and then go to Istanbul…no, no, that’s too far.

    Great photo, and I agree with the other comments, he looks like a really genuine guy.

  11. Hello i want to know if you can tell me the email or number phone of this boy because i want to contact with he.
    Thanks a lot

  12. while i was researching about tribal jewellery on google i found a photo, who is my brother, isn’t it strange?
    but it is true!

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