Is Bucharest Worth Visiting? My Honest Opinion, Pros & Cons

Image: Is Bucharest worth visiting? Dambovita River of Bucharest

There is plenty of mixed feelings when it comes to recommending Bucharest as a travel destination. Is Bucharest worth visiting? Is it one of those cities you should spend money and energy on? Even though a fascinating European capital, Bucharest is not as nearly popular as Rome, Paris, or Barcelona. Even though in more recent …

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Fascinating Romanian Folklore in Transylvania’s Bran Castle

Image: Bran Castle in Romania

Even though I’m not the biggest fan of very touristy spots, while delving into medieval Europe in Romania, I decided to visit also the Bran Castle, famous for being Dracula’s castle, which has actually nothing, or little to do with Dracula himself. But first things first. Who’s Dracula? A vampire. Do vampires exist? Of course, they …

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Stepping back in medieval Europe between Brasov and Rasnov

1 brasov - Travel Images

After enjoying the beauty of, and soaking in, the clean nature of the Prahova Valley, the following stop of our Romania trip was the (in)famous region of Transylvania, mainly known for the Count Dracula’s castle, even though, how I will have the chance to better explain in my next post, little he had to do …

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Peles Castle, eerie beauty and luxury in Sinaia

3 peles castle - Travel Images

As promised in my previous post about my stay in the Prahova county, here I’m publishing a photo essay of beautiful Peles Castle, one of the main highlights in Sinaia, a maze of rooms and corridors, each with a different character, personality and nationality, as its owner, king Carol I, chose to adorn each space with different styles and decorations, both …

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Prahova county: soaking in Romania’s nature, royalty and spirituality

4 prahova county peles castle - Travel Images

Picture yourself wandering around half-empty roads framed by slightly gothic houses with medieval features somehow resembling gnomes’ residences. Here a car passes by every two or three minutes, all in the backdrop of the dramatic, snow-covered peaks of the Carpathian range. You are in Romania’s Prahova county. Visiting Sinaia, the Carpathian Pearl I won’t deny it, I’m very …

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Colors and tradition, a photo journey around Dimitrie Ghica Park in Sinaia

3 Dimitrie Ghica Park - Travel Images

After devoting a post to Sinaia’s pretty architecture, I thought it was only fair to show you also its green part, or some of it, since the whole region is surrounded by greenery everywhere. Sinaia is a charming little town nestled in the valley of Bucegi Mountains, dramatic snow-covered peaks part of the Carpathian range. Typical architecture …

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