Doi Inthanon National Park, the day trip from Chiang Mai anyone would want to experience

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For my last day in Chiang Mai, I booked myself a day trip with a government-run agency, and for less than 40€ (50USD) I had hotel pick-up, A/C-equipped bus transport, insurance, tour guide, admission fee for Doi Inthanon National Park (200 Baht) and lunch included. Considered one of the main Chiang Mai attractions, the Doi Inthanon …

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What to do in Bangkok in a week

What to do in Bangkok

Chaotic, noisy and crowded, the Thai capital is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. While Thailand is often a beloved holiday haven for beach-goers, first-timers should devote from a couple of days to a week to its capital to get to know the national culture and civilisation. So if you are planning …

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Sorry Phuket, I didn’t fall in love

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One of the things I liked less in Bangkok and Phuket was the locals’ attitude of focusing everything around the tourism industry. Thailand devotes a lot of money, energy and resources to the tourism industry, but often what they offer to foreigners is simply that, a tourist experience, rather than an authentic involvement with Thai …

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