Mercado Central, a feast for the eyes in the heart of Fortaleza

You guessed it, one of Ceara’s national prides is cachaça liqueur, and in it you will find pickled just about everything, even crabs! Plenty of them at the Mercado Central.

Straw baskets on display at the Mercado Central

Colorful straw potholders on sale at Fortaleza’s Mercado Central among other neighborhing places

Cashew, my weakness!

More cachaça, pocket-size, always handy………..

Coconuts and their precious water couldn’t miss at the Mercado Central

Dried fruits, vegetable oils and juices

Rapadura, a pure, energetic concentrate of cane sugar, very typical from Ceara. Yet another national pride.

Ever-present, ever-swinging hammocks. If you haven’t dozed on one while you were in Fortaleza, you can’t say you have fully experienced the city.

Traditional way to make the embroidery for hammocks and clothes

More straw baskets

Colorful table/kitchen cloths

Straw hats, beach-style, classy, aren’t they?

Tablecloth made with coconut fiber

More tablecloths

My stroll around Mercado Central, the essence of Ceara’s art and craft in the heart of Fortaleza, northeastern Brazil, right next to Nossa Senhora da Assunção. Rest assured that here you can find literally anything, from food to clothes to shoes to hammocks to kitchen towels.

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  1. Beautiful photo essay. I love visiting Markets — I would be especially tempted by the textiles in this one!

  2. Quelles délices,quelles couleurs!!!

  3. Rende l’idea! Colori, sapori, allegria!!!

  4. Great. Love every photo you took at the market (specially the cachaca with the crab inside). When I visited Rio, I spent some time in the markets too. We discovered a lot of things.

  5. Hey! Iwas wondering about the first picture… where is taht place where u can get crabs in a bottle?? looks so cool! :)

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