Rural Finland, images from traditional village Vuolenkoski

Between an outdoor adventure and the other, alternated with the very much sought after sauna evenings, during my recent trip to Finland I had the chance to visit Vuolenkoski, a traditional village in the southern Häme region. Counting some 500 residents, Vuolenkoski is not a newly created village, but what’s remarkable is that its youngest inhabitants returned to live there after having lived in other bigger cities. It’s something like everybody making different experiences, working or studying, and then gathering back in Vuolenkoski to make the most of what they learnt and organize the village into a peaceful oasis.

So we visited the primary school, present with all grades, where we met the teachers, the principal and the kids from grade one. We visited a farm selling much of the local produce, we met a local journalist and we had lunch at lovely Husulan Vintti, a former cowshed turned into an elegant venue where parties, ceremonies and local events take place.

Below is a little gallery of images I captured in Vuolenkoski, I hope you, too, enjoy the trip to rural Finland!

A special thanks to Outdoors Finland and Visit Finland for inviting me to this trip and showing me rural Finland.

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