Moments of bliss in Beira Mar, my beach: a photo essay

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What can I do, Brazil is inspiring me the healthiest of the lifestyles. Ok, let’s spill it out, I’ve been becoming increasingly obsessed with a healthy lifestyle, from diet to alternative medicine to walks on the beach, which happen every day, first thing in the morning, at 6am.

For some reason I still need to understand, every day I never manage to wake up later than 5,30, so at 6 sharp our porter knows he needs to get ready to press the button and let me out for my usual 1-hour walk on the beach.

For as brave and fit as I’d like to think I am, when I arrive in Beira Mar, both the promenade and the beach are already crowded with people jogging, walking, stretching, exercising, walking their dog.

Did I really think I was a pioneer?

After a month I’ve been coming here every morning and have been observing the wonderful light when the sun peeps out from behind the buildings lined up all along the coastline of Beira Mar beach, I’ve finally made up my mind and taken my camera with me.

These are some moments of bliss I enjoy every morning, and I’m sharing them with you in the hope you can enjoy them, too. Although there seems to be a different light in every photo and some taken during sunset, I guarantee they were all taken today just after sunrise.

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Morning light all over Beira Mar beach
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17 thoughts on “Moments of bliss in Beira Mar, my beach: a photo essay”

  1. I had some major technical difficulties in Europe, after having met you, and when I returned to the U.S. I knew I would be eager to see all your stories from Brazil. Looks like its been a great experience for you so far. I always have moments of bliss when I am near the water; the fresh air form the sea, and the crashing of the waves soothes my soul. So proud that are following in their healthy lifestyle.

  2. You’re so lucky to see Beira Mar personally. I’ve been reading a lot of travel articles about that beach.. and now I’m planning to go there before October 2016. Any tips? Any other spots nearby?


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