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In Village des Bories, wandering the streets of a ghost town

The exit of Village des Bories On my way down the Luberon mount, a stone's throw away from stunning Gordes, my attention was captured by a modest sign pointing towards a tiny entrance: Village des bories I was accessing the mysteries of Village ...

Marquis de Sade Castle, between blasphemy and wild parties

"My manner of thinking, so you say, cannot be approved. Do you suppose I care?" - Marquis de Sade Although Provence seems a very peaceful and innocent corner of paradise, it houses what once was the adored residence of the infamous Marquis de Sade. ...

Best places to visit in Provence, 8 beautiful towns in southern France

Gordes, Lacoste, Avignon, and Vaucluse are only some of the best places to visit in Provence, a stunning region in Southern France. Discover here 8 of the region's gorgeous towns.