Beautiful and Romantic Su Gologone Water Spring, Wonder in Sardinia’s Supramonte

One of the most popular places in Sardinia, Su Gologone water spring lies in the breathtaking Supramonte mountainous region within the territory of Oliena in Nuoro province, right at the foot of the Uddè mount. A natural monument since 1998, this wonderful water spring is Sardinia’s most important and for sure an utterly beguiling one. Depending on the sun rays, the daylight, and the hour, the shades of this precious lake nestled in between walls of hard rock range from turquoise to emerald green to deep blue.

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What and Where is Su Gologone

The main wellhead of the karst subterraneous system of the Supramonte mountain region, Su Gologone attracts thousands of visitors every year. Its waters spring from limestone rock and flow directly into the Cedrino River, one of Sardinia’s longest, that in the Oliena and Dorgali territory forms spectacular canyons dotted with the typical Mediterranean scrub. This spring has a rate of flow of 300 liters per second and its water, low in mineral content, is very pure.

Many speleologists have tried to explore it. Some of the most famous attempts have been by the Swiss diver and explorer Olivier Isler, who went down 108 mt but without getting to the bottom, and Albert Cavedon who, in 2010, dived as deep as 135 meters.

This region of Nuoro’s province is rich in natural wonders, from canyons to limestone caves, and Su Gologone is only one example of such natural heritage. Depending on the season, you will have different landscapes and activities such as kayaking along the gorge and the lake carved by the water or simply a relaxing picnic.

How to Visit and What to See at Su Gologone

Alongside the natural wonder, visiting Su Gologone you will find yourself in an ancient historical area with the archaeological sites of Tiscali, Sedda ‘e sos Carros, the caves of Corbeddu, and the gorgeous Ispinigoli grotto near Dorgali.

Enjoy your day of trekking and hiking places such as Corrasi mount, Punta Sos Nidos, and the Lanaitho Valley, discovering the local vegetation and wildlife as well as visiting its important historical sites. All around Su Gologone is the natural park, perfect for a day spent in nature, visiting the church of Our Lady of Mercy, and having a drink at the local bar.

The fee to access the natural spring is 2€ and includes the park and all services, including the free parking space at the entrance.

Strictly forbidden all throughout the protected area of the natural park is:

  • swimming in the spring or throw any type of object;
  • eradicating local plants or planting new ones;
  • leaving your own waste/trash;
  • camping and setting bonfires.

How to get to Su Gologone from the main Sardinia airports

If you are coming from Cagliari, follow the signs for Sassari, and at the detour of Abbasanta follow the signs towards Nuoro and then Oliena.

If you are coming from Alghero, follow the sign for Sassari, and at the crossroad with the SS 131 highway turn towards Cagliari and then follow the signs for Nuoro and Oliena.

Coming from Olbia, follow the SS 131 bis highway towards Nuoro and turn at the detour Nuoro/Oliena. Before reaching Oliena, you will find the signs for the spring.

If you are traveling to Sardinia, make sure you rent your own vehicle as the local transport is not efficient.

Su Gologone Hotel, a dream accommodation in Sardinia

In Oliena is also Su Gologone Hotel, one of the most popular and favorite among Sardinia travelers. And for some good reasons.

Set in a dream white villa, this great Sardinia hotel features beautiful deluxe rooms and suites decorated in local style, including the bed linens covered with Sardinian embroidery. Many rooms feature a balcony or a terrace, while the suites have each their own theme, art, or tradition-inspired. All rooms come with minibar, tea and coffee-making facilities, Led TV, luxury courtesy set, and safe.

The hotel features also a modern wellness center with gym, pool, yoga, and reiki sessions and a spa offering several facial and body treatments as well as massages.

In-house is a famous restaurant serving local delicacies of the Barbagia region, a stylish gazebo bar for a light lunch of a wide selection of snacks and salads, a lovely terrace for your evening aperitif, and two bars for aperitifs, warm starters of local ingredients, and after-dinner drinks.

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What to See Around Su Gologone

Small towns, archaeological sites, natural wonders. All around Barbagia and Su Gologone water spring there is so much to see and do that you can easily spend a week sightseeing and yet not be done with the area. Here are some of our suggestions to include when planning your Sardinia trip.

  • Hike Su Gorroppu. Su Gorroppu is a fantastic canyon, one of the deepest in Europe. Descending to its gorge and then hiking back up is a spectacular adventure that will unfold breathtaking views, will give you a glimpse of the local plants and wildlife, and will offer a fantastic physical activity opportunity in nature and clean air.
  • See Orgosolo’s street art. Orgosolo is a picturesque town displaying fantastic and meaning-rich murals all over its walls is a pearl you can’t miss in the Barbagia region of Sardinia.
  • Go on an archaeological tour. The prehistoric ruins around Mamoiada town are a gem of nuraghic and pre-nuraghic remains so if you can spare half a day to waner around the countryside of the area, you won’t regret it.
  • Visit Ispinigoli grotto. One of the most scenic land grottoes in Sardinia, you will be mesmerized by its fine rock formations and the interplay of colorful lights.
  • Wander around Dorgali. Dorgali is a lovely, picturesque town that offers striking mountain views, beautiful beaches for your summer in Sardinia, and fantastic foods.
  • Attend Mamoiada’s Carnival. Are you visiting Sardinia in winter? Don’t miss the ancient ritual of Mamoiada’s Mamuthones dancing around town for Carnival!
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