Photo Essay: Tasting daily life in Provence, France

life in provence

Fresh bread stand at Cavaillon local market taking place every Monday. Those baguettes are mouth-watering, and this is very likely where you will start to taste life in Provence, France.

life in provence

Next stand at Cavaillon market is devoted to olives, all locally produced, delicious. Who wouldn’t want to set their own life in Provence?

life in provence

The market takes place downtown Cavaillon, so it’s obviously surrounded by typical picturesque shops. Like this one.

Life in Provence is also cobbled alleys and quaint villages

life in provence

Narrow alley in the beautifully picturesque town of Gordes, Provence

life in provence

Grocery shop in Gordes,  perfectly in line with the quaint atmosphere of the village and region. This is life in Provence.

life in provence

River crossing l’Isle sur la Sorgue, yet another lovely hamlet in the heart of the southern French province.

life in provence

A very typical shop in Provence is the one selling spices and herbs, largely used in the local cuisine. This is in L’Isle sur la Sorgue.

life in provence

Another typical product of Provence is soap, widely known under the name of Marseille Soap, sold in markets as well as shops. This was a lovely display in L’Isle sur la Sorgue.

life in provence

Tiny alley in Lacoste, village that houses the former castle of the Marquis de Sade, now bought by fashion designer Pierre Cardin.

life in provence

Ménerbes, a small village with some old buildings worth mentioning, such as this one: “La vie est belle!” (Life is beautiful), because life in Provence is no less than that.

Although cities like Avignon and Marseille are always packed with tourists, I think Provence’s beauty lies in its smaller towns. Here you can get under the skin of the region, live locally, taste the delicacies of their culinary tradition and get lost in the maze of their narrow side streets, in a nutshell, here you can enjoy and taste the true life in Provence.

  1. I”ve been in France so many times, but never in Provence. Your photos are enticing.

  2. ” Douce France…” chante Charles Trénet. Il a bien raison , et ces photos le témoignent magnifiquement!

  3. Chi non ha visto la Francia non sa cosa perde. In modo particolare la meravigliosa Provenza, con i suoi colori e sapori unici!

  4. That’s a wonderfully beautiful place, looks it has been well preserved, full of old charm and quaintness.

  5. Life is beautiful indeed in Provence! I’ve been dreaming about visiting here for quite some time. So picturesque.

  6. Great photos of a beautiful region!

  7. Provence is so gorgeous. I stayed in an area called Courthézon which had the cutest little shops and dusty driveways, hope to go back again very soon!

  8. lovely!! such colors. SUCH FOOD!!

  9. Had to share some of these food photos on my Pinterest “Food” board…. make me hungry!

  10. Beautiful!! :) I love just walking around and exploring with my camera!

  11. Absolutely beautiful. I want to pack my bags and head there right now! :)

  12. LOVE that alley shot!!!

  13. I want to go to the fromagerie!

  14. I shouldn’t have read this post on an empty stomach :P

  15. Beautiful photos. Loved the slow-paced rhythm of Provence and their love for quality, local products.

  16. I plan on being in France sometime in the summer. I didn’t really have a set place to go, but these photos have motivated me to head to Provence. I heard so many good things about their food, and now I can see why. Great shots!

  17. I’ve been to France but not Provence. These images of the architecture and the shops entice me to want to visit there.

  18. Oh absolutely heaven, wonderful photos! I’ve been to Provence a couple of times and completely agree it’s the small villages that are the key!

  19. This makes me really want to go to Provence and I love that grocery store!

  20. I did a bike ride through all the towns you’ve mentioned – so this post brought back many happy memories. Beautiful photos.

  21. Beautiful shots! The last one describes the whole series perfectly – La Vie Est Belle!

  22. Great photos. you’ve just made me really want to take a trip to Provence. Actually, we really ought to see more of France itself for that matter. I think we would come back a few pounds heavier!

  23. So much good food in such a pretty setting.

  24. The grocery shop in Gordes looks so authentic! It’s nice how everything is exposed outside, it adds a sense of community! Rural France is simply beautiful!

  25. ils sont très beaux Angela!

  26. These are great pictures. Provence is very beautiful and a great place to go to when in France. The baguettes look so delicious too!

  27. Everything here looks so fresh and lip-smackingly good! That cheese! THE CHEESE! Seriously, can you get some of that cheese shipped to me here? Northern Asia isn’t so good in the whole dairy department.

    I love the little blurb that you write at the end, that Provence’s heart lies in its small towns. I’ll have to get there one day as it looks simply dreamy.

    • Yeah, SE Asia is not really cheese-savvy, it’s the only thing I missed there, although I missed it only at the beginning, then I adapted to their eating habits and I was fine.. I’m not in Provence anymore, otherwise I would certainly ship some to you! ;)

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