Glendalough lakes, Ireland

Located in the Wicklow Mountains National Park, many are the things to do in Glendalough, Ireland. Around its lakes, many attractions entertain the visitors.

things to do in Glendalough
Beautiful lake in Glendalough, a monastic settlement dating back to the Middle Age and now a heritage site. County Wicklow, Ireland.

Finding the top things to do in Glendalough, Ireland

Utterly fascinating, Glendalough is a world-famous monastic site with a tower dominating the view of its scenic lakes and valleys in County Wicklow. A great day trip from Dublin, at Glendalough travellers can enjoy a charming selection of walks and trails, including the famous Wicklow Way and St. Kevin’s Way.

Close to the southern shore of the lake stands a small church called Temple-na-Skellig, only accessible by boat and a series of steps from the landing stage. The nearby cliffs host a cave called St. Kevin’s bed, aptly devoted to St. Kevin, founder of the monastery. In this cave, St. Laurence O’Toole, saint patron of Dublin, once abbey in Glendalough, used to spend the 40 days of Lent.

The Glendalough lake is known as a ribbon lake. The upper and the lower lakes were at first united but one of their inflow brought an amount of sediment large enough to divide the original lake into two parts. Close to the eastern tip of the lake is the Wicklow Way, a long-distance waymarked walking trail.

Glendalough is one of Ireland’s most beautiful and peaceful destinations and attracts thousands of visitors from across the globe.

For centuries, people have been attracted to the valley of the two lakes for its spectacular view, rich history, abundant wildlife and archaeology.

How to access  Glendalough lakes and monuments

The lakes and monuments are accessible all seasons at any time of the day. You can reach them all on foot, while the car parks may have the barrier down early in the morning and late in the evening.

Activities to do in Glendalough

Golf. There are different levels of golf courses in Roundwood, Glenmalure, Aughrim and few other places.

Walking/climbing and hiking. The Wicklow is recognised for the beauty of its landscapes. The very famous walk would be the Wicklow Way which stretches to some 130 kilometres.

Angling. Fishing with a rod for those interested to do river fishing.

Cycling. The diverse landscape of Glendalough offers a range of routes ideal for both beginners and experienced cyclists. If you are interested, you can rent a bike from Rathdrum or Roundwood.

NOTE: Swimming is not permitted in either of the Glendalough lakes for safety reason.

Hotels in Glendalough

All around Glendalough and Wicklow National Park, you will find plenty of hotels for all types of travellers and budgets. Here are some of the most popular hotels in Glendalough and its surroundings.

Riversdale House B&B is an inexpensive bed and breakfast that features 6 ensuite rooms with tea making facilities, TV with satellite and cable channels, and close to the popular attractions of the area.

Mountain View Lodge is a comfortable accommodation in Laragh, near Glendalough. It consists of two lodgings, both with a double bedroom and twin bedroom. The place, one of the favourites in the area, is complete with a patio, a seating area with a countryside view and a playground for kids.

Also in Laragh is Trooperstown Woodlodge B&B, lovely accommodation in Glendalough area with ten rooms equipped with WiFi and all the necessary amenities for guests to enjoy their stay, including a restaurant that caters for breakfast and dinner.

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  2. Les merveilles de la nature sont partout dans le monde! Ta photo est super!

  3. Looks so peaceful!

  4. That lake looks like glass. Beautiful

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  6. We’re planning some time in Glendalough on our upcoming trip to Ireland…looks like a beautiful lake

    • It’s very peaceful, when I went it was cloudy and little raining, as usual in Ireland. I would recommend, if you can, to plan it when it’s a sunny day and maybe even stay there for the night, I went only for one day, but I believe sunrise and sunset must be gorgeous.

  7. wow…just got back from eire a few days ago. i miss that island so much. our group went to glendalough and man….this picture is gorgeous but nothing but the reality can show how wonderful the lake and monastery really is. in other words…everyone go to ireland!
    glendalough is a short drive from dublin and definitely worth it. as for the comment above me…good luck ‘planning’ for a sunny day, they came at their own discretion

  8. superb.. actually words fail me to express my feelings towards this art!

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