Enjoying the Spanish Steps in Rome

Spanish Steps in Rome

The Spanish Steps in Rome dominating Piazza di Spagna

So you are about to travel to Rome, you have about ten days and you are wondering what you should visit to get a quintessential spirit of the Italian capital. As a travel writer living in Rome and having taken part to dozens of tours alongside visiting places on my own, I can safely say that in ten days you will hardly sense a tiny part of the essence of the city, but since I’m not here to put you off, I will give you some little tips on how to best enjoy even the busiest areas, such as the never fading Spanish Steps, built between 1723 and 1726 from a project of Roman architect Francesco De Sanctis.

Many are the places to visit in Rome, from the Baths of Caracalla to the Colosseum for ancient history, Quadraro and Tor Marancia neighborhoods for modern street art, Ostiense for some industrial archaeology and Garbatella Lots for some true Roman spirit and contemporary history, just to name a few, but while it’s impossible to visit everything

While it’s pretty hard to find a quiet spot in the eternal city, there are some tricks you can follow to enjoy also the busiest attractions, such as the Spanish Steps.

Truthfully, sometimes I did see the Spanish Steps unusually quiet, and you don’t need to go there when it rains in order to do that. Often, around lunchtime the Spanish Stairs, leading to Villa Borghese’s Pincio and Trinità dei Monti church and facing trendy shopping streets at the bottom such as Via dei Condotti, can be quiet as people head to restaurants and eateries, but for sure the best time to take a great picture of the majestic staircase is early in the morning, before the crowds start flocking.

Surrounded by artwork, such as La Barcaccia, the marble boat in Spanish Square, work of artist and architect Bernini, the Spanish Steps are a meeting points for tourists and young people both during the day and in the evening, especially summer time, when there’s nothing better than enjoying a good gelato in the middle of immortal art.


  1. Rome, on arrive!!!

  2. Meravigliosa Roma, da qualunque angolo la si viva!

  3. The place looks so lively. It’s surely a great travel destination!

  4. What a lovely sight! We were there last month and there were hoardes of people! It must be too hot to be out at lunch time now?

  5. A bit like a ladder in Cagliari where the Bastion :)

  6. That’s part of the beauty of travel I believe, seeing places when they aren’t crowded with tourists to experience a different side of them.

  7. Enjoyed it, loved it! But photographing was a bit complicated. It was full of people. All sorts of people. One could barely walk across!
    My tip: get there early in the morning.

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