Rural Finland, images from traditional village Vuolenkoski

cart vuolenkoski - Travel Images

Between an outdoor adventure and the other, alternated with the very much sought after sauna evenings, during my recent trip to Finland I had the chance to visit Vuolenkoski, a traditional village in the southern Häme region. Counting some 500 residents, Vuolenkoski is not a newly created village, but what’s remarkable is that its youngest …

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Hiking around Sammalisto Lake and experiencing Finland’s woodland

finland nature1 - Travel Images

After our adventure around Päijänne Lake, we headed to the highly densely forested area blessed by Sammalisto and Lapakisto Lakes lapping its shores, and here, as one of the highlights of my recent trip to southern Finland, we went for a scenic and revitalizing hike immersed in the untouched greenery part of Nastola, municipality of Häme region. I was introduced …

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First time kayaking? In Finland’s second largest lake!

finland kiuasniemi1 - Travel Images

As anticipated in my previous post, I just got back from a great 4-day trip to Finland where I had the precious chance to soak in this northern European country’s most unspoilt corners. This is also the trip that introduced to the world of kayaking. Where? In Päijänne Lake. That’s right, since I usually like going the …

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Nature and fairy tales, dreaming of Finland

yoga finland2 - Travel Images

While I’ve always spent my school holidays on the beach (clear legacy of my Sardinian origins), recently I’ve been finding myself always more often craving greenery and wilderness, and this is probably why I’m so thrilled to be heading to Finland on two days from now to explore its fascinating nature with the guidance, support and precious insight …

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