6 Things to do in Battambang, Cambodia

battambang Wat Ek Phnom3 min - Travel Images

I get it, Siem Reap is Cambodia‘s tourist draw, and for good reasons, first among all being the stunning Angkor Wat archaeological park nearby. However, the fascinating Southeast Asian country definitely has other cities that are interesting under different points of view, be it historical or to delve deeper into its traditions, such as Battambang, capital of its …

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The nature and sacred waters of Phnom Kulen National Park

9 phnom kulen - Travel Images

Located in Siem Reap province at less than 50 km away from the city, Phnom Kulen National Park lives up to the promise of a full immersion in nature. Waterfalls, creeks and related reflections, elephant-shaped rocks, the necessary temples and an expanse of underwater linga, thousands of phallic symbols carved on the riverbed, this park has everything you need …

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Spiritual Cambodia in Angkor Wat between modernity and tradition

9 ta prohm min - Travel Images

Whether it’s a historical or a living temple, in Cambodia, spirituality seems untethered to time. Probably like anyone traveling to Siem Reap, and most people traveling to Cambodia in general, my first experience has been a two-day all-temples-tour, a full immersion in the Angkor Wat archaeological park, with Angkor Wat itself left on the second …

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Two people, one village: the floating lives of inner Cambodia

cambodia floating villages6 - Travel Images

I’m just coming back from Cambodia, the country mainly known for its 3-year-8-month-20-day Khmer Rouge period, its always smiling population and for its poverty. In all honesty, when I booked my flight to ancient Kambuja I thought I knew what to expect, but as it turned out, my pre-trip research little did prepare me to the sights …

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