How to reach and what to do in S’Archittu beach, Sardinia

Some of the cleanest beaches and waters you’ll ever swim might be the crystal waters and blue beaches of Sardinia. I was born and raised in Sardinia myself and traveled to many countries but still I find Sardinia beaches the most unspoiled.

In summer I like to visit the different beaches of Sardinia while in the winter i visit the more traditional side of my region. When I was ready to go to university in Rome, I didn’t know I was going to miss this unspoiled, clean and underpopulated little island so much. After almost two decades traveling around the globe, swimming in many beaches, I realize nowhere is like Sardinia beaches, the most unspoiled, peaceful and cleanest I have ever been to.

Crystal waters and peace in Sardinia, Italy

A view of L’Arco, natural wonder in S’Archittu in central Sardinia, the cleanest water I’ve ever swum in.

If I’m not abroad, I spend summers and sometimes the winter between the towns of S’Archittu and Ghilarza, in central Sardinia. While I do think it’s heaven on earth and my job of freelance writer and blogger does allow me to spend some time here, for more convenience I still need to stick to live near an international airport, so, for now, Rome is my home.

Crystal waters of Sardinia

If you happen to come to Sardinia on holiday to enjoy the crystal waters of its unspoiled beaches, traditional festivals and a beautifully diverse landscape away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, I recommend you visit S’Archittu, literally translating “the little arch”.

S’Archittu, pictured above and below, is one of the pearls of Sardinia’s western coast. Its small cove facing the natural arch is a rare beauty not to miss for whoever likes to relax and enjoy an untouched corner of the Mediterranean coast.

Alongside its beach, here you will have the benefits of a lovely sidewalk for morning or evening jogging along the beach, gorgeous sunsets and tasty local wine and pizza. While in big cities more people are starting to choose an indoor bike for their daily exercising routine, here you will love to bike around surrounded just by nature, far from traffic and pollution.

Crystal waters and peace in Sardinia, Italy
Sunset in Sardinia

How to reach S’Archittu from Cagliari airport.

The small coastal tourist resort of the Oristano province lies about 120 km away from Cagliari.


Buses travel from Cagliari to Oristano twice every day and the ticket is 6 €. In summer, from Oristano, there is a bus that goes to S’Archittu 4 times every day and the ticket is 2 €.


From Cagliari to Oristano there is a train every hour. It departs from the airport and the ticket, that you can buy online or from the ticket machine at the station, are 7 Euros. From Oristano, you can only reach S’Archittu by taxi or bus.


From Cagliari airport, you can choose to take a taxi to S’Archittu, but that’s definitely the most expensive option. For about an hour and a half drive, the price is around 100/120 €.

Rent a car

There is also the option to rent a car at the airport. Many agencies have their office right in front of the airport going towards the train station.

If you are tight on budget and only planning to enjoy some beach time, then it is better not to rent a car but if you are want to go around the villages, I strongly recommend you rent a car.


You can find a hotel and B&B right in front of the beach for affordable prices ranging from 50 to 100 € per night for two people. If in S’Archittu they have no vacancies, you can book a room in nearby Santa Caterina di Pittinuri and Torre del Pozzo beach towns. If you want to stay in S’Archittu, you can contact their Bed & Breakfast on the phone to book: +39 3404038998.

  1. Sardinia is just stunning, when I have the chance to go there off-season (I hate how crowded the beaches become in July and August…)I always think it is one of the most beautiful places on earth…

    • Yeah, in all my travels I admit I still struggle to find beaches and seaside as clean as the ones in Sardinia. A blessing, just wondering how long this will last..

  2. hope i can visit it there one day !

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