The wooden angels of Ignazio Mura, Oristano

Sculpture by Ignazio Mura

Another sculpture by Ignazio

Work in progress

Ignazio carving an angel out of a trunk

Ignazio Mura is a great sculptor I discovered not long ago in Oristano, lovely city on Sardinia‘s western coast. His mission is to create fantastic figures, when I went to see him he’s was just carving an angel out of a trunk while he was rescuing a soul from purgatory.

That time his work was in danger because the local council didn’t have a proper space to devote to him, where he was when I took these pictures was a small room without electricity. Today he’s not there anymore, I heard he had to stop carving because he doesn’t have the financial means to do it and apparently the council doesn’t have a room with simple facilities where Ignazio can set up his workshop.

Ordinary administration that is becoming the rule rather than the exception.


  1. I loved these sculptures. its awesome you meet Ignazio and had written about him here.

    Cheers from the Philippines :)

  2. You have a great skill with amazing creativity. love all those your sculptures.

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