Dining in Rome, if you don’t mind getting insulted

If you are sensitive and get easily upset, avoid dining at La Parolaccia (Italian for “the swearword”), popular and controversial restaurant in 3, Vicolo del Cinque, small alley of quaint Trastevere quarter in Rome. The menu doesn’t offer a huge selection of dishes, mainly belonging to the typical Roman tradition, and usually of “tourist” quality, but the place is popular among the brave who are not afraid of challenging their self-confidence and wish to spend an awkward evening.

As soon as you walk through the door, the waiter welcomes you with all kinds of insults, just the starter of what you will face during the whole meal. Don’t even try defying them with what you think it’s your best repertoire of indecencies and curses, you’ll never score, they boast years of experience and, best incentive of all, they are paid for it.

Now, Romans in general are not exactly known for their elegant manners, and this restaurant, founded in the 1940s, kicked off by playing traditional songs often including spicy words. The great success of the initiative made them evolve up to where they are now, where the colorful language is not confined to the songs but has become the theme of the whole soirée.

In case you were wondering, no, I’ve never been there and I’m not planning on doing so any time soon, I don’t get easily upset, but I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the meal with the thought that someone could send me to hell the very moment I’m swallowing a bite.


  1. Je suis éberluée! Je n’ai pas de mots….ni gros mots pour exprimer mon émerveillement!

  2. Da consigliare a gente che conosco! Che roba….

  3. La prochaine fois que je vais à Rome, j’y vais!!!

  4. Sounds like exactly my sort of dining expereince! I wonder if this was the inspiration for Dick’s restaurant chain here n the states.

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