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After updating my blog Travel Calling for two years, and thoroughly enjoyed it, I finally decided it was time to grow up and go self-hosted.

Who reads my blog, knows that what I like the most when I travel is to dig deep into other countries’ culture, traditions, society and explore them in all their idiosyncrasies. Already in Travel Calling, I tried to avoid filling my posts with the basic information easily available through Google search, and publish more personal impressions instead.

The title of this site, Chasing The Unexpected, says it all. The articles I publish here stem from my travels (first and foremost!), a thorough research, and my very personal feelings about places, peoples, traditions. I want my readers to see, hear, smell, sense the countries I visit, I want them to feel out there are real people, real traditions, real emotions that, in the end, are not very different from the ones we have at home.

My goal, as a travel writer, is to make readers feel less far from any foreign country, less scared of and more embracing towards the “different”. This is why, when I was asked to integrate geography classes with my own travel experiences at a high school in Sardinia, I took it as a fantastic opportunity to make it easier for 13-year-old students to understand that “different” doesn’t mean “wrong”, possibly giving them a bit of my wanderlust.

I naturally like wandering off the beaten path, but I believe also the most traveled roads always have something new to say, and a journey through well tackled destinations can be as inspiring and fascinating as the more unconventional trails.

Traveling for me is all about experience, not merely staring at landscapes, for how beautiful and inspiring they can be, so here is where unusual angles, local flavors and hidden traditions will find their space.

The best way to stay up-to-date with my writing? Subscribing, of course!

For a sample of my published work you can check my Published Articles page and if you want to contact me, I can be reached at angelacorrias[@]


  • Sarah says:

    Very happy to have found your website. Your travel philosophy is mine as well.

    • Angela Corrias says:

      Thank you, Sarah, looking forward to delving into your food research. I agree that food is part of a culture and studying the factors that brought it to that particular place instead of another is very important in order to understand that place.

  • Huzaifah says:

    Hi Angela
    I stumble upon your website while browsing the Internet. It is really great. Nice to meet you.


  • Nestor says:

    Hi Angela,

    I’ve been reading your posts from some time and have really enjoyed every single one; is a good blend of writing, pics and personal experiences!

    Best regards! Sincerely,


  • Rhonda says:

    Great site! I look forward to following your travels!:)

  • Jean Wethmar says:

    Hello Rhonda, great to have ‘stumbled upon’ your info/website.. I’ll be back, often. My passions are Vietnam.. I’m actually a French Romantic at heart.. is my blog.. I’d love a comment, or if you’d like to join our small group in Oct, it would be marvelous, there’s still some spots, so if you’re interested to see my tour brochure, please be in touch.. happy travels.. and btw.. I LOVED India as well, did a tour of Rajasthan, and it was a highlight in my life! wowie, amazing! The colors, smells, shopping, oh everything about it!
    Kind regards from me and Brisbane, Au – Jean Wethmar

  • Hey I didn’t know you had this site as well. I have seen your blogger site but never visited this one. I will make sure to bookmark this one as well.

  • Hari says:

    Namaste! (Nepali Traditional Greetings)
    I read it & love it , hope to see or read more .

  • Appu says:

    Traveling is studies on-road maybe. More I travel more I learn always and lots more to learn always. Keep traveling and yes, Welcome to India.

  • michael says:

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  • ezzatalla says:

    I mosques instead of churches in the name you used?

  • I’ve very pleased to have found your site. Such interesting posts and excellent travel photography. All the best from Santiago, Chile. Now to tweet about it…

  • Farhad says:

    Hi,I`m from Iran.Cal me please

  • Thank you for information regarding Sardinian dress, like you I love to dig deep into the culture I’m living in and I appreciate your effort in keeping me informed. I’m sure I’ve seen your blog floating around cyber space, I remember the camel from the header. Great blog, fantastic articles … I’ll be back to learn more from you.
    Wishing you a successful 2012

  • Maria says:

    Hi Angela,

    Great blog :) Do you have an email I can contact you on?



  • Wenitta says:

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  • Siem Reap says:

    I really enjoyed reading your website Angela, if one day you visit Cambodia please contact me…

  • Kundan Raj Rai says:

    I was flipping through Flipboard and unexpectedly came across under my Travel board. It’s a great coincidence I must say. I am exploring your Blog now and will follow your travel stories.

  • Neo says:


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  • Kathryn says:

    Hi Angela,
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    Many thanks, Kathryn

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  • Balwant Singh says:

    Hi Angela,

    I am an IT professional from Delhi and a big enthusiast of traveling & photography.I am feeling very much fortunate to come to know about “Chasing The Unexpected” and it happened for me coincidentally while googling for Manila,Uttarakhand(my native place) and i met your page “In India,looking for Manila”. Actually i was never expected that anybody can explore the beauty of Manila the way you did,simply superb job done…. :-) . And i am very much impressed the way you keep things simple while catching them & even at the time of writing about them.Please keep your good work going and come again here in India …i would say “Incredible India”… please..

    Balwant Rawat

    • Hi Balwant, thanks so much for your kind words. I really enjoyed my time in Manila, such an unusual place, I loved how traditional it still is. I’m actually thinking about going back to Incredible India on the second semester, I miss it too much! Welcome to my blog, see you around ;)

  • rajesh says:


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  • Raquel Kato says:

    Hi Editor,

    My name is Raquel – a mom, a travel / personal development writer. I was reading your site the other day and I was wondering: Do you accept guest posts?

    I have a few travel experiences that I’d like to share on your site. It may not be as adventurous as yours, being an occasional traveler, but it may be something that your visitors would like.

    Would you like me to send it for your review? Thanks!



  • Nice to come across a fellow freelance writer I like your blog style! Tine

  • vegan miam says:

    hi there! thanks for the follow and nice to meet you, too!

    ♡ rika, vegan miam
    ★ i travel + i eat vegan blog ★

  • meg says:

    Hi Angela! I am researching a trip to Sardinia I’ll be taking at the end of this month and was delighted to find your piece about Sardinian artist, Pino Sciola, whom I hope to meet while there. Great lead, you immediately draw me in and then created an enchanting portrait of him and his “ear” for nature and its mysteries. Will you be in Sardinia the first two weeks in Oct? If so, perhaps we could cross paths! Ciao, Meg

  • Bob Mauer says:


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  • Barbara says:

    Wonderful blog! I discovered it just now:-)

  • Hi Angela,

    I came across your website via Marco of La Francesca. Having a travel website myself, I like your style a lot.

    My website exists in Dutch, French and English. I was wondering whether you would allow me to post a translated version of some of your articles on my Dutch and French websites ( & Some of your articles on Cinque Terre are complimentary to the info on my site.

    Of course I would put a reference and a link to your website.

    Thanks to let me know if that would be OK for you.

    Kind regards


  • Hi Angela,

    It were the picture on Google Images that led me to ‘Chasing the Unexpected’ corner.

    Living in the Himalayas at Shimla in Himachal Pradesh, I can truly appreciate the beauty that you have captured in the blog posts of neighbouring Uttarakhand.

    Being a traveler, who despite living in the mountains, still has not had enough of them. I want to explore whether you could grant me permission to use some of your travel writings on The Ok Travel and also use some of the pictures for posts related to Uttarakhand.

    With best wishes,

    Ravinder Makhaik

    • Hi Ravinder, thanks for dropping by.

      I’m glad you like my pictures from Uttarakhand, such a beautiful region. Sure you can use my post, please link to the original.

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  • Alborz says:

    Hi Angela.
    I was just browsing images on Google when I found your website. I’m so impressed. Nice photos and great information from your travels. Keep it up.


  • Looking forward for welcoming you to less frequented destinations of Uttarakhand Himalayas in India….an experience different from all…Mystic Mountain Jageshwar !!!

  • valentina says:

    Hello Angela!
    Ma che bello questo tuo spazio :) complimenti! E poi in inglese, come pochi italiani sanno scrivere! Brava!

  • Bill Bentley says:

    Hello Angela – and many thanks for your super article “10 reasons why you should visit Iran”! It was not on my lengthy travel list, but it sure is now! Your article was clear, succinct, illustrated with well-chosen photos, and based on personal experience. You have inspired me! Mille grazie!Pochi italiani sanno scrivere in inglesi – complimenti! I look forward to reading more of your blogs and articles. Ciao for now!

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