About me

Myself in Jaisalmer, India

After updating my blog Travel Calling for two years, and thoroughly enjoyed it, I finally decided it was time to grow up and go self-hosted.

Who reads my blog, knows that what I like the most when I travel is to dig deep into other countries’ culture, traditions, society and explore them in all their idiosyncrasies. Already in Travel Calling, I tried to avoid filling my posts with the basic information easily available through Google search, and publish more personal impressions instead.

The title of this site, Chasing The Unexpected, says it all. The articles I publish here stem from my travels (first and foremost!), a thorough research, and my very personal feelings about places, peoples, traditions. I want my readers to see, hear, smell, sense the countries I visit, I want them to feel out there are real people, real traditions, real emotions that, in the end, are not very different from the ones we have at home.

My goal, as a travel writer, is to make readers feel less far from any foreign country, less scared of and more embracing towards the “different”. This is why, when I was asked to integrate geography classes with my own travel experiences at a high school in Sardinia, I took it as a fantastic opportunity to make it easier for 13-year-old students to understand that “different” doesn’t mean “wrong”, possibly giving them a bit of my wanderlust.

I naturally like wandering off the beaten path, but I believe also the most traveled roads always have something new to say, and a journey through well tackled destinations can be as inspiring and fascinating as the more unconventional trails.

Traveling for me is all about experience, not merely staring at landscapes, for how beautiful and inspiring they can be, so here is where unusual angles, local flavors and hidden traditions will find their space.

The best way to stay up-to-date with my writing? Subscribing, of course!

For a sample of my published work you can check my Published Articles page and if you want to contact me, I can be reached at angelacorrias[@]gmail.com.