Emir Munzer Mosque, small mosque downtown Beirut.

Al Amin mosque, the main mosque in Beirut, where former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri is buried. Lit up for the night and taken from far makes it for an evocative view.

Fountain in the garden surrounding Al Omari mosque, a former Templar church, downtown Beirut.

One of the many cafés in Beirut's classy city center.

Shopping street in Beirut city center, quiet at night, bustling with life during the day.

Beirut shopping district was so clean and quiet at night that it looked as if it were posing, I couldn't stop taking photos.

Still shopping district downtown, shining with cars darting to clubs and restaurants.

This was more a restaurant/café area, much busier than the shopping area at night.

Beirut is a pleasure to watch. Seriously, clean, classy, built with taste. I’ve only spent one day and managed to wander its downtown streets, so I haven’t explored its dark side. Every city has one, and I’m sure the Lebanese capital makes no exception, but on my first time there I only saw its bright angle, which I tried to show here.


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