A trip, a photo – Beirut, city of contrasts


Probably only in Beirut it’s possible to capture a cathedral, a mosque, a UN truck and a vehicle from the Lebanese army in one shot. This is the appeal of this city. With its overload of energy and emotions, Lebanon is able to make visitors both fulfilled and exhausted.

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  1. says

    We have a couple of friends here who adore Beirut. They work on yacht that spends the autumn and winter moored up there and they’re always telling us about the energy there that you mentioned. Would love to go one day.

    • says

      Beirut is really worth visiting, plus is very close to Turkey, you can easily book a trip. In high season it gets quite expensive, I’ve been told. It’s a very fascinating city, capital of a very fascinating country!

  2. Marie says

    Bref, une ville magnifique et pleine – parfois contre son gré – de contradictions! Je veux la voir absolument!


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