Photo moments, things you miss when you are on the road

I know there are many things you can miss from home when you embark on some longterm travel, but sometimes what you like to remember are simply the familiar landscapes you can’t see for longtime.

Since I left China, I can’t recount the times I’ve said I miss living in Shanghai. I’ve been an expat in more than one city, I’ve experienced the lifestyle of many places, but I can state without doubt that so far the only city I would settle in again, even tomorrow, is Shanghai.

That being said, it would be unfair and pretty senseless if I denied that I’m thoroughly enjoying my time at home, my meeting with family and friends, my walks on the seaside, swimming and, let’s face it, clean air.

The two pictures I’m publishing here were not taken by me but by friend Francesco, experienced photographer who seems preferring shooting from a paraglider instead of being steady in his own feet.

The reason why I tend to include these pictures in the category of things you miss when you are on the road is that I literally missed this sunset as I was still in Shanghai. It happens once a year, around the end of June, when the sun appears right through the arc, under which I usually go swimming during the summer season.

I missed the moment, but I was lucky enough to “borrow” these pictures and publish them here. Enjoy!

S’Archittu, Marina di Cuglieri, Sardinia

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